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Are you buying Christmas on credit?

New uSwitch research discovers that around one third of UK consumers are borrowing to pay for Christmas

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Banking 11 months ago

Earn up to 15% cashback from a credit card this Christmas

Santander are offering up to 15% cashback from highstreet names, but can you get a better deal with other cards?

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Banking 2 years ago

Amazon cashback this Christmas for Santander 123 Credit Card customers

Santander offers 1% cashback on all purchases over the Christmas period

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Banking 3 years ago

Never mind 2012 – one in five Brits still paying off Christmas 2011

New uSwitch research has found that almost one in five people are yet to pay off debts stretching back to Christmas 2011.

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Banking 3 years ago

Four million Christmas turkeys to be bought on credit

Brits are planning to put Christmas on their credit card this year, with three out of five people buying presents on plastic according to uSwitch new research.

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Banking 4 years ago

Eight ways to save on Christmas

In these times of tightened budgets and rising unemployment, is it really necessary to spend so much during the festive season?

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Banking 6 years ago

Christmas is coming…but how should we pay?

How to pay for a great christmas and not suffer a nasty January hangover.

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