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Broadband & mobile phone explained

There are a host of reasons why bundling your broadband and mobile phone is a good idea: but the two main ones are added convenience and value for money.

As many mobile phone operators are delving into the broadband market, there are a lot of bonuses to be gained from bundling your services - not least of which are loyalty discounts.

When working out whether to bundle your mobile phone and broadband, ask yourself

  1. How much you currently spend on your mobile phone and broadband bills? (Be honest!)
  • This will give you a point of comparison and a price to beat when considering a bundle option.
  1. What broadband speeds and download allowances do I need?
  • If you are using your broadband connection primarily for emailing, social networking and light downloading, lower connection speeds will suffice.

  • If you are a gaming enthusiast or enjoy downloading films and music on a regular basis, speeds of 20Mbps-plus and unlimited (subject to fair usage) download allowances are preferable.

  1. How many calls, texts and mobile internet data do I need?

The best way to estimate your mobile phone requirements is to consider how many minutes you spend on the phone and how many texts you send on an average day and multiply both numbers by 30. This will give you a figure to work with.

  1. What other utilities apart from broadband and mobile phone can I get?

If you want to get even lower bills and greater convenience, you should consider adding another utility such as digital TV or home phone into the equation. Currently, Virgin Media and TalkTalk are the only internet providers offering quad-packages (broadband, mobile phone, home phone and TV), but most providers now offer at least three services that you may want to bundle together.

Want mobile broadband?

If you're keen to get broadband while maintaining your contact with people on the go, mobile broadband is a great option.

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