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Built-in broadband laptops explained

The mobile broadband market long ago embraced laptops with built-in broadband, which are considered by many to be the most convenient and cost-effective way to connect to the internet on the go.

Laptops with in-built mobile broadband helped the mobile broadband market move on from the stage of laptops and external modems. However, they did not replace dongles or Mi-Fis, which remain the most common way to access mobile broadband with a laptop.

Who offers laptops with built-in mobile broadband?

A range of mobile broadband operators have over the years offered laptops with built-in broadband. With no cables or modems required, connecting to the internet on-the-go has never been simpler. However, at the time of writing no UK provider is selling built-in broadband laptops.


Netbooks are tiny, highly portable laptops designed specifically for mobile broadband use. They're not as powerful as standard laptops, but are great for accessing the internet on the go.

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Who manufactures laptops with in-built broadband?

Laptop manufacturers such as Asus, Toshiba and Dell were quick to adopt this technology and produce mobile broadband-ready laptops.

Pros of broadband enabled laptops:

  • No need for wires or modems
  • More portable
  • Less bulky

Cons of broadband embedded laptops:

  • Mobile broadband connection can only be used on one laptop whereas separate mobile broadband and laptop deals mean that you can use the dongle on any laptop or PC.

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If you want your mobile broadband connection on a number of different laptops or on a PC you may be better off purchasing a mobile broadband USB stick or MiFi unit instead of a laptop with built-in broadband.

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Future of broadband enabled laptops:

Perhaps because of the downside of being tied down to one laptop, buying laptops with in-built mobile broadband did not become as popular as expected. It's still far more common to see laptop users access 3G or 4G networks using a dongle or Mi-Fi.

Instead, what we're seen is the rise of tablets with built-in broadband. And with more and more consumers opting for tablets over laptops, it looks like laptops with broaband built-in may never be the mainstream product many predicted.

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More convenient, simple and hassle-free, laptops with built-in mobile broadband make connecting to the internet child’s play!

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