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Three, Vodafone, O2, Virgin Media and EE now offer a range of cheap deals. Plug in and get cheap mobile broadband on the go!

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Vodafone Dongle K4203 Temp

Vodafone Mobile Broadband 1GB - USB Stick

One month mobile broadband. For very occasional use.

Internet that travels with you on 30 day rolling contract plus get a free dongle!

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up to* 7.2Mb
1GB 12 months £8.50 Buy now
Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three Mobile Broadband PAYG +1GB

USB modem stick pre-loaded with 1GB data. Upfront cost £29.99. Initial top up of £10 required.

Pre-loaded USB stick deal with no contract. USWITCH.COM PAYG BESTSELLER

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up to* 21Mb
1GB pay as
you go
FREE price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
Vodafone Dongle K4203 Temp

Vodafone Mobile Broadband 1GB - Pay As You Go

Super-fast USB modem stick £15. Additional top-ups £5 for 250MBs.

1GB of Data for 30 days! Device costs £15.

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up to* 7.2Mb
1GB pay as
you go
FREE price details Buy now
Huawei E5331 Value MiFi Black

Three Value MiFi (Black) - PAYG

Personal wireless hotspot. 3GB data pre-loaded and valid for 3 months. Up front cost £59.99.

New High-speed mobile Wi-Fi with no contract!

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up to* 21Mb
3GB pay as
you go
FREE price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
o2 e169

O2 Mobile Broadband - USB Stick Pay and Go

USB modem stick pre loaded with 2GB data. Top up with the amount of data you need. £26.50 upfront cost.

No contract! Alcatel dongle available in black or white.

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up to* 21Mb
2GB pay as
you go
FREE price details Buy now
EE Buzzard Car Wifi Packaging

EE 4G Buzzard Mobile Broadband - 2GB

Receive emails, search Google maps or download photos five times faster than 3G.

IDEAL for in-car use. Inclusive BT Wi-Fi minutes and get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday

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up to* 30Mb
2GB pay as
you go
FREE price details Buy now
O2 E169 USB Stick white

O2 4G Mobile Broadband - USB Stick

4G ZTE Dongle pre loaded with 3GB data. Top up with the amount of data you need. £57.50 upfront cost.

FREE 4G ZTE DONGLE! Up to 5X faster than 3G dongles!

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up to* 80Mb
3GB pay as
you go
FREE price details Buy now
3 Micro-sim

GiffGaff iPad Micro-SIM

No contract and total flexibility over your allowance.

Lowest price GiffGaff data contract. Only £1 per 100MB!

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up to* 21Mb
500Mb 1 month £5.00 Buy now
Three ZTE MF730M Black

Three 4G Mobile Broadband 1GB

The ZTE MF823 4G dongle lets you connect to the mobile internet whenever you want.

CHEAPEST 4G contract available!

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up to* 100Mb
1GB 24 months £7.87 price details Buy now 0808 163 8657
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Cheap mobile broadband explained

Mobile broadband is a fantastically convenient way to access the internet and fierce competition for your business means providers are offering some amazingly cheap mobile broadband deals.

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As the name suggests, a 'mobile broadband' connection allows you to access the internet on the move. With a mobile broadband USB stick or dongle, you can get online on your laptop wherever there is mobile phone coverage.

Mobile broadband modems with cheap mobile broadband deals:

The mobile broadband dongle, or USB modem, has made cheap UK mobile broadband a reality. Dongles plug into any USB capable device, such as a laptop or netbook, and with little or no installation you can access the internet over 3G . Opt for a costlier 4G mobile broadband connection and you'll be able to surf the web even faster.

Cheap mobile broadband deals are now just as good value as cheap home broadband deals, with packages starting from around £5 per month. Cheap mobile broadband deals on contracts also include a free USB modem stick and a monthly download data allowance.

Mobile broadband modems with cheap mobile broadband deals:

Types of cheap mobile broadband modem:

  1. Mobile broadband dongles - About the size of a USB stick, a dongle is the most common way of harnessing mobile broadband. Simply plug into a computer's USB port and you're good to go.
  2. MiFi units - These are superb, compact devices which provide a wireless mobile broadband connection that can be shared between multiple users and devices.
  3. Mobile broadband data cards - Data cards were once as popular a mobile broadband technology as dongles. However, these days no major UK mobile broadband provider offers them. Although data cards are smaller than dongles they were less popular, possibly because they only work on laptops with plug and go software.

Cheap mobile broadband is for everyone:

The flexibility of mobile broadband combined with the number of competitive deals on offer in the UK means there has never been a better time to get cheap mobile broadband and save lots of money.

Cheap mobile broadband packages will appeal to everyone from people who are just getting started with mobile broadband to students living in shared houses who are trying to keep tabs on their bills.

There are even some cheap mobile broadband packages designed specially for [students] broadband](/broadband/compare/student_broadband/ "Student Broadband") users, with providers often offering a discount if you provide your NUS number when you sign up.

Cheap mobile broadband can also be handy for professionals on the move and is popular in the business world. If you run your own business and already have a great business broadband deal, a cheap mobile broadband package could be the perfect supplement without breaking the bank. With a cheap mobile broadband deal, you can access your emails, diaries, accounts and databases from your laptop anywhere there is mobile phone coverage.

Choosing a cheap mobile broadband deal not only means that you get great value for money and download allowance. You also save money by not having to pay rental on a landline. This is particularly handy if you live in temporary or short-term accommodation and want to save money on landline installation fees.

Cheap mobile broadband providers:

Mobile broadband providers are mobile phone network operators. These companies have capitalised on their experience in mobile communication to provide reliable, high quality and great value mobile broadband connections. Using 3G or 4G technology, mobile phone networks can provide mobile broadband through their networks so that broadband speed internet is available wherever there is a mobile phone signal.

Cheap mobile broadband deals are available from:

  1. Three Mobile Broadband
  2. Vodafone Mobile Broadband
  3. O2 Mobile Broadband
  4. EE

Three mobile broadband

Three offers a large range of cheap mobile broadband packages, with mobile broadband dongles and USB sticks to suit everyone. Choose Three and you'll get speeds of up to 21Mbps even on the cheapest mobile broadband deal.

Three's cheapest mobile broadband package - Mobile Broadband Lite is a popular deal with a 1Gb download allowance. Better still, you can sign up for less than £8 per month.

Alternatively, Three customers can opt for a MiFi unit which provides a wireless broadband connection. For just over £10 per month, you can get 1GB of usage and a broadband connection that can be used by multiple users simultaneously.

Need pay as you go? Three offers a huge range of contract-free dongle deals too, which let you top up with usage just as you would with a mobile phone.

Vodafone mobile broadband

Offering speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, Vodafone's mobile broadband service is super-fast. And with pricing starting at just £8.51 per month, it's super-cheap, too. Vodafone pay as go mobile broadband is on offer too, if you really want to keep your outgoings down.

O2 mobile broadband

O2's cheapest mobile broadband deal features a state of the art dongle, speeds of up to 21Mbps and excellent support and service - all of which makes its deals worth some serious consideration. Choose its one-month rolling contract option and you get 1GB of usage for a shade over £10, or pay as you go and only pay for what you need.

Need a laptop to make the most of mobile broadband? Check out mobile broadband and free laptop deals.

EE mobile broadband

EE's mobile broadband offering differs from the competition because it uses a cutting-edge 4G network. That means that you can expect a faster service, which EE claims is up to five times the average speed of 3G. However, as you might expect this is a costlier service, so might not suit consumers who prioritise price over other considerations.

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