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Madasafish Max

  • FREE connection
  • FREE wireless kit & static IP
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o2 wireless box 2

Madasafish Max

Free connection, wireless kit & static IP

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up to* 8Mb
5GB 12 months £9.99 price details Buy now
o2 wireless box 2

Madasafish Max Plus

Free connection, wireless kit and static IP

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up to* 8Mb
20GB 12 months £19.99 price details Buy now
o2 wireless box 2

Madasafish Max & Talk

Free connection, wireless kit & static IP. Line rental & off-peak calls included

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up to* 8Mb
5GB 12 months £9.99 price details Buy now
o2 wireless box 2

Madasafish Max Premier

Free connection, wireless kit and static IP

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up to* 8Mb
50GB 12 months £25.99 price details Buy now
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Madasafish awards

  • Award ISPA 2007 Best Consumer Email

    ISPA 2007 Best Consumer Email

    The ease by which consumers are able to navigate Madasafish’s email interface was seen as a great feature.

  • Award PC Pro 2006 Best Broadband ISP - Highly Commended

    PC Pro 2006 Best Broadband ISP - Highly Commended

    A highly commended mention in this competitive award category is a real honour for Madasafish broadband.

  • Award ISPA 2006 Best Heavy Consumer Broadband

    ISPA 2006 Best Heavy Consumer Broadband

    The judges applauded Madasafish for offering an inclusive broadband service, which supports both Mac and PC users.

Madasafish features



  • Support
  • Email
  • Home phone / calls
  • Security package
  • Webspace
  • Mac compatible
  • Newsgroup access
  • Free connection
  • Static IP address
  • Free wireless router
  • Business broadband
  • Home broadband
  • ADSL broadband
Company history

Company history

Madasafish Broadband is a part of the larger company Brightview Group who manage 4 Internet Service Providers across the UK, making them one of the largest in the country. As a group, Brightview seek to provide simple, uncomplicated packages for a variety of domestic users.

The two London-based companies, Brightview and Madasafish, were established in 2001 and have subsequently earned a reputation of unrivalled customer support winning several highly-acclaimed ISPA awards in recent years.

For the company, customer service is paramount, both in the accessibility of their broadband service and the quality of support their customers receive. As Madasafish Broadband say “our ethic is to remain as transparent and honest as possible” and it is this that has ensured the loyalty of their substantial bank of customers.

Customer service

Customer service

You’re in capable hands with the expert support team at Madasafish, also known as ‘The Friendly ISP’. Its technical support lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with calls charged at 4p per minute from a landline.

If you have any other queries, or just fancy a chat, their customer care team are also on hand, open 9am-6pm every day (except bank holidays) with calls costing 4p per minute from your landline.

It’s likely you’ll find most of your questions answered with their useful online help page, otherwise you can also drop the support team an email for a speedy response.



All Madasafish Broadband options come with a free home wireless networking kit, which is an excellent all-in-one package to help you get set-up. The kit includes a wireless ADSL router, wireless adapter, and microfilter, and should normally cost £60 but is thrown in free with your Broadband bundle.

Madasafish also includes an instruction guide to help you get started, however the ‘Click ‘n Connect’ Installation wizard should have you up-and-running in no time.

Software features

Software features

When connecting with Madasafish broadband, you’ll receive a free 30-day trial of their BullGuard security software (usually £2.50 per month). This complete security suite includes anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, which will prevent viruses and identity theft, plus a BullGuard firewall, a spam filter and a backup system for storing and protecting all your important files.

For extra internet safety, Madasafish broadband customers can also download a free 30-day trial of the Parental Control software, for added peace of mind when your children are online too.

Email features

Email features

Madasafish provide free webmail to all their broadband customers, meaning you can access your email from anywhere in the world. Not only this but you will also get an unlimited amount of email addresses–good news if you have a large family, or just want a few extra for yourself.

All Madasafish webmail accounts include a useful address book for storing your contacts, and a spam filter for all that annoying junk mail. If you want to set up your own website, you’ll also receive an enormous 100MB of webspace.



By recommending others to Madasafish broadband, you can also make some money too. Whether it’s by word of mouth, or by adding a clickable Madasafish banner to your website, every referral will earn you £20, plus £10 will be credited to your friend’s account too.

Madasafish news

Customer reviews

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  • Reading these reviews is comforting. I now know that it is not just me. Madasafish have a 'head in the sand attitude' when it comes to dealing with problems. I, like other customers, have had issues with the internet service. I was convinced by Madasafish that it was my equipment. But my computer went for repairs and there was nothing wrong, so I then spent more money on a new router. It then transpired the problem was with madasafish.

    They ignored all requests for recompense for 2 weeks without service. Now 18 months later, I have further issues with the customer service. Madasafish was a fantastic service provider, when they where a small independent. Now being part of a BT has proved detrimental to their once excellent customer service.

    star C Abraham, 7th March 2010
  • After 2 years with them I am now desperate to leave. In June 2009 I asked them for a MAC but let them seduce me with an improved offer - 20GB per month and the line rental for £23, fixed for 12 months.

    Last month they bumped this up to over £25 and lied to me that the VAT increase was the cause. Now they are just ignoring my complaints and hoping that I lose interest. In the meantime they are taking more money from my account in clear breach of the contract we agreed last year.

    Their customer service has usually been poor or very poor, with long, expensive phone calls which attempt to make me believe that my equipment is at fault when it has ALWAYS been their problem.

    star MartinC, 4th March 2010
  • Been with Globalnet for many many years. Customer support now terrible

    star Herbie, 10th June 2009
  • Been with madasafish sine the start and find the service has deteriated so much I have started to use another email provider. I use web mail access a lot and often cannot log in which is no use when you are travelling or away from home. I,ll stick with it for now but wouldnt recommend signing up.

    star mike, 10th June 2009
  • It is reassuring to read that it isn't just me having their password refused. I KNOW my password - I've been with Madasafish since Noah was a lad. I access via webmail a lot and wonder if this is why they are refusing to let me in?

    star Margaret MARSH, 16th March 2009
  • Was with globalnet originally (10 yrs) and no complaints at all. Increasing problems with Madasafish and have now left. Two big issues - inflexible download arrangments - 5Gb per month otoo small and next one up too costly. Biggest issue was that I was not informed of new deals and woudl have continued paying £20 for Max if I had not spotted this - not impressed by customer support but I guess that is what happens when you get bigger and bigger - Sad to go

    star gideon, 19th February 2009
  • Have to agree with most reviews - were superb until BT takeover but now they are absolute pants. Terrible technical support who only know how to say change your filter then they're stuck for ideas. Avoid

    star David, 31st January 2009
  • Similarly to other users, and just as expected after BT took over, this service has gone downhill. Recent slowdown in connection speed took several mails to support to fix, and even then they would not admit it was them, it just mysteriously got faster. I'm not going to phone their 0845 type support number to pay extra to talk to someone who is going to read off a long winded script with no end result. I have my phone with them as well. Moved there to get away from BT! I feel a change will soon be on the cards. I didn't mind paying for it when it was a good service, but lots of others now offer packages with unlimited downloads for less money

    star Dave, 29th November 2008
  • Lately I have had no broadband and when phoning for assistance they were so unhelpful. In fact one actually hung the phone up on me, as I proved to him it was not my computer at fault. I have therefore had to go back to NTL to get my broadband operating again. I also can no longer retrieve my email as you will not accept the password, and how stupid can you get by saying that you will email my password, when you cannot get in to your email.

    star John friel, 4th November 2008
  • Been with Madasafish for the last 4 years, but since B.T took over my speed drops to 120-320kb. every few weeks and only when you ring customer support do they put the speed back to 1.70-2.3mb. Time to change when my contract's up.

    starstar Brian, 31st October 2008
  • Completely agree with majority of comments. Madasafish were brilliant but in the last month or two my speed has reduced by a factor of 10 to 450kbps. Not had a happy experience with the Customer Service either. Next job after writing this is to find new provider!

    star Michael Pearson, 20th October 2008
  • Since the takeover by BT Madasafish speeds have plummeted. Leaving soon. Barely above dial-up speeds at £17/month. Disgraceful performance.

    star bob swinderbury, 13th October 2008
  • I have been with Global, that became Madasafish for 10 years. I signed up for their broadband package in December 07. Everything was great, never a problem. Then is September download speeds became pathetic, back to dial-up level. So after lots calls to 'customer service' (yeah right!) after about four days it was resolved, obviously their problem. Now it's happened again! So what's changed? BT!!!!!! The archetype for the arrogant, inept corporate entity that takes your money and then doesn't provide what you've paid for. I'm afraid BT has already corrupted Madasafish.

    star Richard Bacchus, 5th October 2008
  • Rubbish service, customer DIS-service and EXPENSIVE! Won't be renewing

    star Yvonne Ornstein, 9th September 2008
  • Joined original freenetname in 1999 but now that Madasafish are in control it has been total rubbish. No email and no access to my account. Tech support unhelpful "we ring you when problem fixed, may be 3 months" - avoid at all costs.

    star John Swinden, 28th August 2008
  • Madasfish has gone from good to bad over the last few months (since BT took over) I used to get over 2Mb download speed now it's down to 129kb. Customer service have told me it could be my router cabling but I have replaced all these with brand new cables, wall socket and modem/router. I used to get 3-4 days of poor speeds every month now the speed problem seems to be permanent.

    star Brian, 7th August 2008
  • This started out as a good provider compared to Orange who I was with - they were truly awful - but I think Madasafish is slipping that way too. The speed wasn't too bad for the first few months but has become noticably slower as time has gone on and I'm not a heavy user so there's no real need for bandwidth restrictions.

    What I don't like is the lack of a truly unlimited package considering the prices we are paying. Also, the customer service hours make no sense, as I do a 9 to 5 job I cannot contact them as the customer service line only runs till 6pm!!

    I have now requested a MAC code so that I can switch supplier and was assured that I would have an email with the code within an hour or so, 8 hours later, no code and no customer service to complain to!

    star Eric, 23rd July 2008
  • I wish I had stayed with Tiscali now, I never had to pay for extra downloads. Now I'm stuck with Madasafish for 12mths.

    star jacky dance, 7th July 2008
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