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    Fastest UK Cities

    Fastest areas based on average speeds of the last 30 days

    RankProvider Download speedUpload speed
    1 Derby 29.27Mb (1,713 Tests)
    2 Nottingham 27.87Mb (2,383 Tests)
    3 Walsall 27.31Mb (1,672 Tests)
    4 West Brom... 27.22Mb (1,696 Tests)
    5 Dudley 26.44Mb (2,286 Tests)
    6 Leicester 26.44Mb (2,474 Tests)
    7 Wolverham... 25.62Mb (2,752 Tests)
    8 Birmingham 24.97Mb (3,264 Tests)
    9 Bolton 24.27Mb (1,598 Tests)
    10 Stockport 23.41Mb (1,549 Tests)

    Fastest UK Broadband

    Fastest providers based on national average of the last 30 days

    Rank Provider Download speed Upload speed
    1 Hyperoptic 52.28Mb (37 Tests)
    2 Virgin Media 45.16Mb (14,050 Tests)
    3 Chess Tel... 29.71Mb (3 Tests)
    4 Virgin Me... 28.10Mb (6 Tests)
    5 Origin 25.60Mb (28 Tests)
    6 BT Business 24.77Mb (26 Tests)
    7 Hybeam Br... 23.94Mb (7 Tests)
    8 Fuel Busi... 20.85Mb (7 Tests)
    9 BT 19.45Mb (15,203 Tests)
    10 Vodafone 18.24Mb (95 Tests)

    UK Broadband Stats

    UK speed test stats, data and provider breakdowns for the last 30 days

    Number of Tests: 64,674
    Most Tested Provider: BT
    Average speed 21.48Mb
    Fastest Provider: Hyperoptic

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