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Despite fierce competition between financial providers most people don’t bother shopping around when it comes to choosing a credit card.

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We all just stick to the credit card our banks gave us all those years ago, but why stick with a credit card that is not offering you the best deal?

Do you have an existing UK credit card?

  • Have you got a credit card balance that you want to transfer?
  • How much are you likely to pay off on your credit card?
  • How much will you spend on your credit card?

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We can do the research for you. All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for and we will help you find the a better UK credit card for you.

We are free and impartial. We are also up to date, receiving new information daily so our rates and all other information are always current.

We will help you to find the right credit card by asking a few basic questions about how you will use your card.

Find a UK credit card

What deals can I get on a UK credit card?

The best deal for you depends on how you use your card. There are a few basic features to take note of when making your decision:

  • Standard interest rate: Interest rates on purchases which are called an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can vary significantly. If you have a constant overdraft, then you would benefit from a low standard APR.
  • Interest free introductory period: Some financial providers seduce customers with a 0% interest rate for an initial period. This is ideal for transferring an existing balance.
  • Cashback or loyalty points: There are numerous loyalty schemes that offer rewards for your credit card spending. If you pay your balance off in full before the interest kicks in, you might want a card that gives you a percentage of your expenditure back, or points/rewards like AirMiles or Nectar.

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Finding the best UK credit card for your needs is simple when you use our comparison service. Save hours of research by letting us work it out for you. And, if you find a UK credit card you want, we can often help you apply.

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