Best UK current accounts

Who offers the best current account in the UK?

For all the innovations and changes that have happened in our lives, we are still very conservative when it comes to our banking.  Change, however slowly is happening and here are the banking options available today:

  • High street banks
  • Local banks
  • Building societies
  • Internet providers

Switch to a better current account with uSwitch

Compare current accounts from different providers and find a bank that works for you.

Compare current accounts

Each provider has their merits and there is no one “best current account provider”. The best current account offers you the best banking for your money and circumstances.

Choice matters when searching for the best current account

Your income and expenditure is different from everyone else’s which is why there is no one “best UK current account”. This is why we recommend you use uSwitch’s current accounts comparison service. We provide an impartial search of the current accounts market to find the account that is the best match for your banking needs.

Our current accounts service is customised to give you a clear and comprehensive view of the options available. If you are switching your account we will show you how much you could save in your first year by switching accounts. If you want a new account, we weigh up the amount of interest you’ll earn against any costs and interest charges in the first year.

Examine the current account’s small print

By using uSwitch’s current accounts comparison service you can also examine the small print and easily compare the details of different accounts. We show you:

  • The fee applicable to the account and what you get for your money
  • A breakdown of charges
  • How the account operates – can you pay bills online, is there a 24/7 phone service?

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