EDF price changes

EDF Energy price changes

EDF Energy has announced a price decrease of 1.3% on gas prices only, effective from 11 February 2015

The price change affects customers on dual fuel, standard rate plans only, and equates to a savings of £9 per year on average.

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EDF Energy were the last of the big six to announce a price drop in 2015. Earlier in Janary, British Gas, npower, ScottishPower and SSE had announced price drops.

Latest price change

Supplier Date effective Average gas price change (%) Average electricity price change (%)

EDF Energy

11/02/2015 1.3% No change

What uSwitch say about the EDF price announcement

At the time of the announcement, Ann Robinson of uSwitch, said:

"With the final price cut announced, it’s now official that standard tariff customers simply aren’t getting a fair deal. These meagre reductions are too little too late and must be increased to help hard-pressed consumers struggling with their energy bills this winter.

“And, with wholesale electricity costs also falling over the past year, why hasn’t a single big six supplier pledged to cut electric bills for its customers?

“To tackle high energy costs, consumers should take matters into their own hands and shop around for a better deal. With a £347 a year difference between the average big six standard tariff and the cheapest fixed deal on the market, consumers would be better off making their own price cut by switching

What should I do about EDF's price change?

You are only affected by the price change if you are on EDF Energy's standard rate energy plan. In which case, if you do nothing, your prices will drop starting 11 February 2015 — but you will only save £9 over the course of the entire year.

Be sure to run an energy price comparison to check how much you can save by switching now — it is likely to be in the hundreds.

If you've never switch energy before, read our step-by-step energy switching guide here.

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Take back control of your energy bills with uSwitch!

We make it easy to compare and save up to £567