Energy Q&A: Can I trust new small energy suppliers?

Small energy suppliers are currently offering some of the best deals on the market, but many consumers remain reluctant to switch. Find out why you shouldn't let their size put you off saving £100s on your energy bill

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Small energy companies are playing a key role in increasing the competitiveness of Britain’s energy industry. They are offering a solution outside of the big six energy suppliers and – in some cases – their gas and electricity plans are some of the cheapest around.

But is it safe to switch to a small supplier?

Yes. Small energy suppliers are bound by many of the same rules as their larger counterparts, so if for example, your supplier goes out of business, rules enforced by Ofgem guarantee that you will be connected to another supplier.

However, you should be aware that small suppliers with less than 250,000 customers do not have to provide subsidies such as the Warm Home Discount scheme. If you are eligible for a similar scheme, ask any supplier you plan to switch to if they offer the same benefits to make sure you’re not losing out.

How can I find out if a small supplier is offering the best deal for me?

The easiest way to find out if you could save money by switching to a small supplier is by running a quick price comparison. All you need to do is enter your postcode, grab a recent energy bill and we'll show you every offer on the energy market to ensure you pick the best deal.

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Compare your energy bills and save up to £412!