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Articles by Maya Robert

Having joined uSwitch in October 2010, Maya covers Energy and Energy-Saving together with Nicolas. Maya writes content on the site as well as writing news stories and posts for the uSwitch blog.

With a background in online editing, journalism and copywriting, Maya also enjoys American fiction and 1920s jazz.

Public calls for action on soaring energy bills

It's thumbs down from consumers as the government comes under increasing pressure to curb energy bill costs…

Govt to unveil details on renewable energy contracts

Shorter contracts for renewables than for nuclear. …

Ovo Energy annouces price rise

Will the big six follow?…

Energy row minister moved from post

Why was John Hayes was so controversial.…

Energy bills push inflation up

Inflation rises for the first time in 4 months, driven by energy and fuel costs…

Business and industry call for government clarity over energy prices

Osborne urged to include energy in Budget 2013…

Ofgem: energy squeeze to worsen

Energy suppliers will make record profits as energy costs rise to record levels. …

E.ON announces £2.6bn profit and says UK investment is double that

E.ON posts profits but energy price rises still likely to rise…

Huhne and Pryce sentenced to 8 months each

Former MP faces prison time …

Energy efficiency fund to target fuel poverty in Scotland

Will the rest of the UK follow Scotland's example? …

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