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It’s here: the cheapest energy plan in over four years

cut £291 off your energy bill before the colder weather hits

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British Gas 2 months ago

British Gas’ jump in profit has been revealed

The largest UK energy supplier has nearly doubled profit for the first half of 2015

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British Gas 3 months ago

Let the energy price war begin… — updated

Sainsbury's Energy latest supplier to fire an arrow into the fray

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British Gas 3 months ago

British Gas announce another price cut

For the second time this year, British Gas has dropped its gas prices

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Energy prices 3 months ago

CMA report: Energy suppliers overcharging by £1.2bn — Updated

"The report has found that dual fuel customers could save an average of £160 a year by switching to a cheaper deal.":

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Energy Suppliers 3 months ago

Billing issues top consumer energy complaints

Citizens Advice: Why have suppliers 'been getting it wrong for so long'?

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Energy prices 4 months ago

Your energy bill — Six degrees of energy news

Connected stories you should know about, all surrounding your energy bills

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Energy meters 4 months ago

UK consumers are now half a billion pounds in debt to energy suppliers

Are you one of the four million households that owe money to an energy company?

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Public interest 4 months ago

The Royal Estate — an energy overview

She may have the most sought after properties, but one has energy troubles too!

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Energy prices 5 months ago

Double-digit reductions – Is there a cure for fuel vulnerability?

uSwitch research shows what could be achieved from larger tariff cuts, as npower fuel voucher pilot begins

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