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Your kettle could start taking longer to boil

Technology has been trialled to reduce voltage when there's not enough electricity for demand

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Renewable energy 3 months ago

Renewables — Six degrees of energy news

A round-up of popular renewable energy stories, just steps apart.

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Renewable energy 11 months ago

Britain welcomes its first floating solar panel system

A solar panel project installed on a reservoir in Berkshire is expected to prove more lucrative than similar structures on fields

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Renewable energy 1 year ago

Could a green energy plan save you money?

A number of new ‘green’ tariffs mean you might be able to spend less while doing your bit for the environment

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Green energy 1 year ago

How environmentally friendly are green energy tariffs?

Ofgem calls for energy suppliers to be more transparent regarding the environmental benefits of their ‘green’ energy plans

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Renewable energy 1 year ago

Cheap solar energy for everyone on the horizon

New research has uncovered a cheaper and safer way to manufacture solar panels, which should considerably increase their use over the next ten years

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Renewable energy 1 year ago

Ovo Energy looks to increase local energy generation

The fast growing independent gas and electricity supplier is encouraging local communities to supply their own energy as an alternative to the big six

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Renewable energy 1 year ago

Government announces eight new renewable energy projects

The initiatives are expected to power up to 3m homes and create 8,500 jobs, but will add 2% to energy bills by 2020

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Public interest 2 years ago

Are lasers the answer to developing a clean, sustainable source of energy?

Scientists claim breakthrough in race to harvest the power of nuclear fusion

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Renewable energy 2 years ago

New power station makes energy from magma

Power plant created in Iceland is using heat given off by magma to create electricity for the first time in history

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