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Tesla’s Powerwall has huge potential — and not just for solar panels — Updated

This new energy storage device has the potential to produce greener homes or help with your bills while you're still on the grid.

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Renewable energy 1 year ago

Britain welcomes its first floating solar panel system

A solar panel project installed on a reservoir in Berkshire is expected to prove more lucrative than similar structures on fields

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Renewable energy 1 year ago

Cheap solar energy for everyone on the horizon

New research has uncovered a cheaper and safer way to manufacture solar panels, which should considerably increase their use over the next ten years

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Energy efficiency 1 year ago

Five tips on saving energy during the summer

uSwitch examines a number of ways for you to cut your household bills during the warm summer months

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Energy Saving 2 years ago

Minister backs solar power over pensions

Energy Minister Greg Barker recently said solar panels were a better investment than pensions, but is he right?

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Government grants 2 years ago

Coalition government to spend £10m on community energy schemes

The programme aims to let communities create their own energy through the installation of renewable energy technology

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Green energy 2 years ago

Community-owned solar ‘is the way forward’

Solar power owned through community schemes is the best way to make sure the lights stay on in winter, an expert in the field has claimed

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Renewable energy 2 years ago

Ikea readies solar panels for UK market

Prices start at £5,700 and could see homeowners save up to £768 per year

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Energy efficiency 2 years ago

Britain’s renewable ranking rises

Homeowners having more access to green energy deals, rewards to green energy generation, boosts energy investment potential

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DECC 2 years ago

New report to disclose impact of wind farms on house prices

The research, which was commissioned by the environment secretary, is allegedly being blocked by the Department of Energy and Climate Change

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