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Three-quarters of households want a smart meter

The majority of consumers want a smart meter, according to a new survey carried out by uSwitch

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Smart meters 1 year ago

Smart meters: Coming to a home near you

National programme to install smart meters in every home by 2020, officially starts today

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Energy meters 2 years ago

Energy suppliers call for review of smart meter roll out

Gas and electricity companies have claimed that the current proposal would see households overpay by £1.8bn

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British Gas 2 years ago

British Gas considers introducing ‘free electricity’ on Saturday

The energy giant is hoping the scheme will encourage customers to use electricity at off-peak times and reduce the pressure on the power grid during week days

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Energy efficiency 3 years ago

Energy bill voyeurism could help cut bills

Sneaking a peek at your neighbour's energy bill could help you cut your energy bill, study finds.

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Smart meters 3 years ago

Smart move? Smart meter rollout on the way

New rules give consumers extended powers.

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British Gas 3 years ago

UK finds smart new weapon against energy price rises

A smarter way to measure energy?

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Energy meters 3 years ago

Smart meters watch your consumption, but who watches the watchmen?

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Smart meters 3 years ago

British Gas: Smart Meters (part 2!)

Your smart meter questions answered

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