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Fuel poverty: UK households ‘worst hit in western Europe’

Consumers in the UK are suffering from the worst fuel poverty in western Europe, worrying new research has revealed.

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Fuel poverty 3 years ago

Energy companies unite in call to halt fuel poverty

Over 100 organisations, including charities and energy experts, call on the government to do more to help the fuel poor.

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Fuel poverty 3 years ago

Fuel poverty means 1 in 4 choose eating over heating

Heat or Eat? That's the question facing many families.

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Fuel poverty 3 years ago

Energy grants slashed as fuel poverty rises

Report reveals plans to cut budget for fuel poverty.

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Energy efficiency 3 years ago

Calls to rebuild UK homes to make them more energy efficient

The Energy Bill Revolution, the biggest fuel poverty alliance in the UK, wants UK homes to be greener.

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Utility bills 4 years ago

The Energy Bill Revolution Begins

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