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How would Scottish independence affect your energy bills?

The UK government and the SNP have very different views on what a ‘Yes’ vote would mean for household energy bills

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Energy prices 1 year ago

First Utility hangs on to the top of the energy best buy table

First Utility’s plan still represents the cheapest on the market, however, if you’re looking for more flexibility, green credentials or price security, it’s worth looking around

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Energy prices 1 year ago

Is leaving your appliances on standby costing you £80?

New research suggests leaving small gadgets and appliances on standby could be costing households more than they expect

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British Gas 2 years ago

Energy minister urges Brits to switch gas and electricity supplier

Ed Davey referred to British Gas’ price rise as ‘extremely disappointing news’

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uSwitch research 2 years ago

Less than 4 in 10 Brits have switched energy supplier – video

Despite 95% of Brits being aware that they can switch energy provider only 38% have done so

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DECC 2 years ago

Details of Govt’s energy investment plan revealed

DECC hopes to incentivise £110b of investment in electricity infrastructure

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Energy efficiency 2 years ago

MPs vote against 2030 decarbonisation target

Narrow defeat, despite voting support from Tories and Lib Dems

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Green energy 2 years ago

Energy secretary rounds on sceptics as MPs debate Energy Bill

Ed Davey lashes out at climate-change sceptics, calls them 'dangerous'

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Energy efficiency 3 years ago

Carbon reduction reticence ‘driving up energy bills’

Government accused of a lack of direction that's harming consumer pockets.

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Green energy 3 years ago

Energy Bill ‘failing to live up to expectations’

More criticism of the government's Energy Bill and a lack of clarity.

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