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5 ways to cut your energy bill this winter

With winter on the way, uSwitch has put together a list of tips to help you keep your gas and electricity bills as low as possible

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Energy Saving 12 months ago

EU rules which ban powerful vacuum cleaners leave Dyson fuming

New rules mean the most electricity-hungry vacuum cleaners can no longer be sold in the EU, in an attempt to conserve energy

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Energy saving tips 1 year ago

Five more energy saving tips for summer

Make the most of the summer weather with our top tips on saving energy during the sunniest months of the year

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Energy efficiency 1 year ago

Five tips on saving energy during the summer

uSwitch examines a number of ways for you to cut your household bills during the warm summer months

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Energy saving tips 2 years ago

Could turning down the heating help you lose weight?

Dutch scientists claim lower temperatures could help human body stay slim

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Energy efficiency 2 years ago

Five great energy saving gadgets for your home

Cut your gas and electricity bill with this selection of eco-friendly gadgets

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Energy Saving 2 years ago

Britain pouring money down the drain

A new study published by the Energy Saving Trust has revealed that the average Brit uses a massive 142 litres of water every day

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Boilers 2 years ago

npower to offer free boilers as part of Gov’t initiative

New boilers could save select households up to £310 per year

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EDF Energy 2 years ago

Fixed price contracts begin charging premium

With the latest long term fixed price plans getting more expensive, do shorter term deals represent better value?

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Energy Saving 2 years ago

Government allocates £9m to smart energy projects

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