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Could a green energy plan save you money?

A number of new ‘green’ tariffs mean you might be able to spend less while doing your bit for the environment

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Green energy 1 year ago

How environmentally friendly are green energy tariffs?

Ofgem calls for energy suppliers to be more transparent regarding the environmental benefits of their ‘green’ energy plans

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Uncategorized 1 year ago

Green energy to cost more than anticipated

New research suggests government estimates are inaccurate and subsidies put aside to encourage the development of green energy sources will run out sooner than expected

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Public interest 1 year ago

EU to implement new energy saving targets?

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have led the Energy Commissioner to review the current Energy Efficiency Directive

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Green energy 1 year ago

UN calls for planet to treble use of renewable energy

New research suggests that unless action is taken now, global temperatures could rocket by 2°C

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Green energy 2 years ago

Green generation targets could add to energy bills

Report states consumers may face increased charges as a result of higher green subsidies

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Green energy 2 years ago

UK’s political parties ‘have failed to show environment leadership’

Three major political parties have been criticised for their green policies in a new report published by seven environmental organisations

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Energy prices 2 years ago

Boris Johnson dismisses wind farms, calls fracking ‘best solution’

The mayor of London has spoken out against wind turbines and called for companies to investigate London for possible shale gas sources

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Energy Saving 2 years ago

Rural communities given helping hand to launch green energy projects

£15m fund for rural communities looking to start their own green energy initiatives

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Utility bills 3 years ago

Green taxes on energy bills nearly double in two years

...still not very much

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