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Labour promises tougher energy regulations

The party pledged to create a new energy regulator which would have the power to take away energy suppliers’ licences in case of serious breaches

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Public interest 2 years ago

Experts suggest energy companies have saved households £500m over three years

An independent energy consultancy has rubbished Labour’s claims that the big six have overcharged Brits by £3.8bn over the past three years

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Energy prices 2 years ago

Labour lays out plans to ‘reset’ the energy market

Labour leader Ed Miliband has explained how he would look to change the energy market during his proposed 20-month price freeze

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Energy Saving 2 years ago

Could extended Daylight Savings be the answer to lower energy bills?

A proposal to update DST gains support from MPs, environmental groups

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DECC 2 years ago

Miliband slams ministers’ close relationship with energy companies

In an interview with the Independent, Labour leader Ed Milliband spoke out about the close ties between ministers and the big six

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