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Can you help others to switch energy supplier?

Over the past few years, less than 10% of households have switched to a better deal

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SSE 2 years ago

Retail Market Review – what does it mean for you? Part 3

The final part of Director of Customer Service at SSE, Tony Keeling’s posts on how incoming RMR changes should improve the energy market

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SSE 2 years ago

Wondering what the Retail Market Review means for you? Part 1

SSE’s Director of Customer Service, Tony Keeling, on how incoming changes in the energy market will affect you

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Ofgem 2 years ago

Ofgem unveils standards of conduct for energy suppliers

'The standards of conduct ... require suppliers to go through a culture change in the way they treat consumers'

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Ofgem 2 years ago

Will energy market reforms cause cheapest deals to ‘disappear’?

Govt admits that some consumers' energy bills will go up

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British Gas 3 years ago

Ofgem: energy squeeze to worsen

Energy suppliers will make record profits as energy costs rise to record levels.

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Ofgem 3 years ago

Better energy bills: how the ‘RMR’ will help you

The results of Ofgem's 'retail market review', or RMR, will be implemented soon. So what's all the fuss about?

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Utility bills 3 years ago

Energy costs: Ofgem not doing enough, says new report

A new report by the Energy Committee for Climate Change says Ofgem must do more to improve the energy market for consumers.

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