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How would Scottish independence affect your energy bills?

The UK government and the SNP have very different views on what a ‘Yes’ vote would mean for household energy bills

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DECC 1 year ago

Ed Davey: Scotland independence could raise bills up to £189

MP warns bills could rise from £38 to £189 per year

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Energy prices 1 year ago

Would England face blackouts without Scotland’s renewable energy?

Scottish Energy Minister hits back at claims independence would result in higher energy bills

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Energy prices 1 year ago

Could Scottish independence lead to higher energy bills?

Yes, according to Energy Secretary Ed Davey

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Energy prices 2 years ago

Ed Davey: Independence would push Scottish bills higher

Scottish households would face higher gas and electricity bills as they shoulder a higher percentage of renewables obligations if the nation becomes independent, Ed Davey has warned

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Green energy 2 years ago

Dynamic floating windfarms could provide renewable future

Floating windfarms off the coast of Scotland could provide an affordable future for renewable energy, according to ministers, as the first project is green lit

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Renewable energy 2 years ago

Scottish independence ‘could harm UK energy market’

A leading renewable energy company has stated that Scotland gaining independence from the UK could damage the renewables sector

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Fuel poverty 2 years ago

SNP vows to scrap energy subsidies

An independent Scotland would scrap energy subsidies, relying on general taxation to cover the renewable market costs, the SNP has said

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Price rises 2 years ago

Scottish Energy Minister brands Labour’s price freeze ‘unworkable’

He said the initiative would result in price rises before and after the freeze as well as a lack of investment in the UK’s energy industry

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Renewable energy 2 years ago

Turbines to be installed as part of Scottish tidal energy initiative

Six turbines are to be positioned in Pentland Firth to take advantage of the rapid currents

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