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SSE Atlantic energy

SSE Atlantic energy is part of the SSE group, which achieved the third-highest score in our Customer Satisfaction awards. They supply gas and electricity throughout the UK

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Customer satisfaction

The results of our 2014 customer satisfaction awards:


SSE, parent company to SSE Atlantic, came fifth in the 2014 uSwitch Energy Awards for overall satisfaction.

This survey was conducted by YouGov between 17th and 27th October 2014 amongst 5,262 UK energy consumers (aged 18+). Customers were asked their opinions on a wide range of issues relating to satisfaction with their energy suppliers. The figures have been weighted.

Latest price change

In January 2015, SSE announced a price cut of 4.1%, effective 30 April. This change affected all customers of all SSE's subsidiaries, including those on tariffs from SSE Atlantic.

This change affected all customers of all SSE's subsidiaries, including those on tariffs from SSE Atlantic.

In November 2013, SSE announced a gas and electricity price rise of 8.2%.

A month later, in December 2013, the big six supplier announced it would reduce its price rise in line with cuts to green levies the government had announced the same month.

This would result in an overall price rise for SSE Atlantic customers of 4.2%

The table below shows which of the big six suppliers, including SSE Atlantic's parent company, SSE, recently changed their prices, by how much, when this change will take effect and customers' average annual bill amount.

Supplier Date effective Avg price change (%) Avg bill size*

EDF Energy

Jan 3 2014 1.3% £1,155


13 Jan 2015 3.5% £1,145

British Gas

19 Jan 2015 5% £1,156


20 Jan 2015 4.8% £1,167


30 April 2015 4.1%% £1,158


16 Feb 2015 5.1% £1,169

*Based on a medium energy user on a standard dual fuel tariff, paying on receipt of bill, with bill sizes averaged across all regions.

Price History

SSE (Atlantic Energy's parent company) announced a price rise of 9% on both gas and electricity that went into force on the 15th of October 2012, and added £119 to the average SSE dual-fuel customer. Before that, gas tariffs were reduced by 4.5% in March 2012.

Prior to that, SSE Atlantic increased its gas prices by 18% or £118 on gas and 11% or £49 on electricity from the 14th September 2011.

How do SSE Group (SSE Atlantic's parent company) generate energy?

The fuel mix for the year 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014.

  • 44%Coal
  • 28%Gas
  • 2%Nuclear
  • 24%Green
  • 2%Other

Average from all UK suppliers

  • 34% Coal
  • 25.6% Gas
  • 21% Nuclear
  • 16%Green
  • 2% Other

Green (renewable) energy is from sources such as wind, solar and hydro-electric.

What else SSE Atlantic energy offers

  • Boiler and heating cover
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