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OVO Energy

OVO Energy is one of the UK's largest independent energy suppliers. The company follows the motto 'Cheaper, Greener, Simpler'

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2014 Customer Satisfaction Awards

The small supplier came first in the 2014 Energy Awards won 10 out of 12 individual categories.

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Customer satisfaction

The results of our 2014 customer satisfaction awards:

OVO Energy

OVO Energy took home the coveted "Supplier of the Year" award at the 2014 Energy Awards.

The supplier also topped the 2014 Energy Awards in 10 out of 12 categories: Most Likely to Recommend, Value for Money, Best Deal for You, Customer Service, Billing Services, Meter Services, Online Services, Green Services and Transfer Process.

This survey was conducted by YouGov between 17th and 27th October 2014 amongst 5,262 UK energy consumers (aged 18+). Customers were asked their opinions on a wide range of issues relating to satisfaction with their energy suppliers. The figures have been weighted.

Who they are

OVO Energy's philosophy is to keep things simple. They offer simplified tariffs and the greenest standard dual fuel tariff on the market, with the option of either online account management or paper bills with every plan.

The vision for the independent supplier famously came together around a kitchen table in the Cotswaolds and its mission statement is to build ‘the UK’s most trusted energy company’. Customers are given a 3% interest reward paid on their credit balances.

OVO Energy’s customer service teams are based in the UK and pride themselves on providing clear and easy to understand bills.

OVO Energy is also a green choice. They generate their electricity with more than double the amount of renewable energy than average UK energy supplier.

Price History

In January 2015, OVO announced it would cut prices of its dual fuel standard plans by 10.4%, effective 1 March. This would save the average household about £65 per year.

The news came amongst a flurry of price drops from the big six, who cut prices on average by about 4%, citing the recently reduced costs of wholesale gas prices.

Valentine's Day 2014 saw OVO Energy cut the price of its Cheaper Energy Fixed tariff and subsequently top the energy best buy table. They ran an advertising campaign highlighting this change using the slogan: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Dump the 'Big Six', OVO loves you".

On the 29th of June, OVO decreased it's average prices by 4.5% for dual fuel customers to £1,088. This represents a 4.8% reduction in the price of electricity, and a 4.4% reduction in the price of gas.

On 4th March 2011, OVO put up the prices of its Green Energy Fixed Dual Fuel and Fixed Energy Dual Fuel tariffs.

Corporate info

OVO Energy launched its domestic tariffs on the 2nd September 2009.

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