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Heading off to university is a big step, so it can pay to be prepared with student home insurance

Research from the Home Office shows that young people aged 16 – 24 are 3 times more likely to be victims of burglary than other age groups*.

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Arranging student home insurance is an important task, so to help ease the burden we have brought some great deals from the student insurance market directly to you.

Student home insurance

If you add together how much all your possessions are worth, you might be surprised to find out how much it adds up to.

Research shows that the average student has belongings worth over £4,000, leaving you with an expensive problem if you’re unlucky enough to get burgled.

Endsleigh are experts in student insurance products, and are the only insurance provider approved by the National Union of Students (NUS).

They provide student home insurance, that allows you to build a policy that either insures just your contents, or items that will also leave the room.

You’ll have the chance to earn up to 25% no claims discount if you don’t make a claim**.

If you need special insurance for your musical instrument, you can cover your instrument and accessories for up to £10,000 against accidental damage or theft.

Get lower premiums for orchestral instruments and have your instrument replaced on a new-for-old basis.

Cheap student insurance

Student car insurance

With a unique 6 month student bonus accelerator car insurance policy you’ll get a discount against your renewal quote with Endsleigh equivalent to a full year no claims discount after just 6 months.

At the end of 18 full months of cover, you will earn a full 2 year no claims bonus discount.

Get your bike insured for up to £1,500 including all fixed accessories for cover against accidental damage and theft anywhere in the UK.

International student insurance

If you’re an international student studying in the UK, get covered for your potential medical needs on a short term or longer term basis.

Your cover includes payment of course fees if you can’t attend due to illness, sickness or an accident. You can also have a relative flown to the UK to visit you if you have a medical emergency.

If you’re planning on studying abroad, get cover that gives you a 24 hour English speaking helpline for medical emergencies, hospital care and emergency dental treatment as well as covering the cost of returning you home if you’re ill or injured.

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*Home Office Report ‘Crime In England and Wales 2007/2008
**For each consecutive year that you don’t make a claim, you earn a discount on your next policy saving you up to a maximum of 25% after 5 years. Once you graduate you can then transfer your no claims discount earned to a graduate home insurance policy with Endsleigh.
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