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Seven steps to cheap home insurance

Home insurance will cover you if something happens to your home or its contents – uSwitch explains what you can do to get a cheaper home insurance quote.

How can I get cheap home insurance?

1. Don’t make a claim on your home insurance unless you have to. The fewer claims you make the lower your premium will be. Check whether your insurer offers a no claims discount which will save you money on future premiums.

2. Make your home secure. Fit good quality locks to all accessible doors and windows and consider fitting a burglar alarm. If there’s a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area make sure you join it.

3. Fit, and regularly test, smoke alarms. Smoke alarms only cost a few pounds and you can sometimes get them free from the fire service.

Seven steps to cheap home insurance

4. Shop around for a cheaper home insurance quote. Your insurer will send you a renewal quote but this is unlikely to be the cheapest available so make sure you compare what’s on offer from different insurance companies. Sometimes you can get discount home insurance if you buy the policy online.

5. Increase the excess. The excess is the amount the policyholder pays on a claim before the insurance kicks in. The higher the excess you opt for, the lower your home insurance premium will be.

6. Stay at home. Insurers will offer cheaper home insurance premiums if your house is occupied a lot of the time. If you go on holiday for more than 28 days at a time and leave the property unoccupied, they’ll charge you more.

7. If you are thinking of moving, check the area to make sure there is a low flood risk at the Environment Agency’s website.

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