Best loans in the UK

Is there such a thing as the ‘best loan deal’? Unfortunately there’s no short answer and no such thing as the ‘best loan deals’ for all – each loan available caters for a different type of person with different financial circumstances.

The best personal loan deal for your colleague or partner might not be one of the best options for you.

Compare loans with uSwitch

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Compare loans

This is why we recommend you compare the loans market and use a personal loans comparison service. We provide an impartial search of the personal loans market to find the best loans for your circumstances.

How does uSwitch find the best loans?

Our loans comparison service is customised to give you an excellent idea of what the loans market currently holds. We will compare the market for loans to give you a list of the best ones available for your circumstances. We will also show you how the interest you’ll pay changes according to your loan term.

You should also examine the small print to see if your loan includes any of the following:

  • early repayment fees
  • arrangement fees
  • deferments and breaks from repayment
best loan deals - what are the best loans on the market?


What if I cannot get a personal loan?

If you are a homeowner and want to borrow a large sum of money or have had problems with credit in the past you could consider a secured loan.

Qualifying criteria for secured loans are often more flexible than those used for personal loans. In order to lend you money, the lender will require you to use your property as security against the loan. If you default on repaying the debt, you are at risk of losing the property.

uSwitch’s secured loans comparison service can find the best secured loan deals available according to your circumstances.

Best loans made easy

So now that you’ve found the experts on how to find the best loan for you. There’s a suitable loan out there just waiting for you and we’ll help you find it.

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