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3G Speed Test: iPhone app

How fast is your mobile network?

  • Test your iPhone's 3G, Edge or WiFi connection
  • See your speed on Google Maps with StreetStats™
  • Switch to the best mobile network on your street!

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3G Speed Test

Test your phone's connection speed

Discover your mobile upload and download speeds and save results for comparison later. Test your connection again and again, wherever you are - our app even auto-detects your mobile phone network.

StreetStats 3G

See network speeds on any street in the UK

See real mobile broadband speeds in your area with StreetStats. Our StreetStats technology detects your current location and shows network speeds around you on Google maps. Switch to your area's fastest mobile network!

Speed test history

Your personal history of mobile speed tests

How is your mobile network performing over time? Our app logs all your past speed tests and records speeds over time - see your maximum, minimum and average speeds. It's your personal history of 3G speeds.

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