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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Black
  • HTC One Black
  • Sony Xperia Z
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue
  • Blackberry Z10 Black

Phone Colour OS Screen Size Memory Camera Wifi 3G/4G
Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB

Galaxy S4 16GB

5.0" 16GB 13.0MP 4G

Free from
£21 a month

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4.7" 32GB 4.0MP 4G

Free from
£25 a month

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Sony Xperia Z

Xperia Z

5.0" 16GB 13.0MP 4G

Free from
£19 a month

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Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB Blue

Galaxy S3 16GB

4.8" 16GB 8.0MP 3G

Free from
£13 a month

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BlackBerry Z10


4.2" 16GB 8.0MP 4G

Free from
£12 a month

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Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920

4.5" 32GB 8.0MP 4G

Free from
£13 a month

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Business mobile phones

Business mobile phones are multi-functional handsets designed to make it easier to do your job while you’re on the move and even make you a more productive worker.

Typical features include advanced email functions, so that you never miss an important message, as well as full, physical QWERTY keyboards. Most business phones also come with a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation suite installed out of the box to enable you to make the most of your time wherever you are.

Advantages of business mobile phones?

Push email

Business mobile phones are usually equipped with a feature called push email. This instantly delivers messages to your mobile phone just it as arrives to the mail server, so that you can pick them up and respond as quickly as possible.

Push email-enabled business mobiles also let you synchronise a number of different email accounts, allowing you to access and manage your mails in a single inbox.

View and edit email attachments

This function allows users to open documents created in key Microsoft office packages that have been sent via email. This makes remote working more feasible and convenient than ever.

Personal organiser functions

Business mobile phones let you sync your calendar with contacts, so that you’ve got details of your weekly meetings with you at all times. You can also sync all your notes and documents over the web and access them from any computer device.

Massive onboard memory

If you’re using your phone for business, you want plenty of room for all your contacts, documents, software and applications. Business mobile phones are designed with this in mind and are equipped with generous storage capacity.

Download practical and finance focussed apps

Business phones from top manufacturers such as Nokia and BlackBerry come with application stores. These are online software markets which sell thousands of applications, including many great productivity tools, making them an excellent source of additional business-focussed content.

Among these are apps that harness the phones’ GPS support. These give users turn-by-turn directions so that they can ensure they get to meetings on time even in totally unfamiliar locations.

Business mobile phones also support apps from the likes of business news providers Forbes and Bloomberg. These apps give buyers access to market-moving financial news and even allow them to set up notifications for share prices to stay on top of the latest trading updates.

QWERTY keyboards

Instead of a traditional mobile phone keypad, BlackBerrys and other business phones usually feature a large front-facing or slide out keyboard with a QWERTY layout. These allow users to input a large amount of text quickly and easily, making them a boon when working on documents or responding to emails.

Handwriting recognition

This feature of business phones is also aimed at letting you input text fast. All users have to do is write directly on to the display. The phone then recognises the handwriting and automatically converts it into text.

Need a QWERTY mobile phone

Which are the best business mobile phones?

This is largely a matter of opinion and is almost an impossible question to answer. However, BlackBerry mobile phones are incredibly popular with the business community. This is because they are offer one of the best mobile email services around with unparalleled security.

However, Nokia’s Eseries range of email-focussed handsets are also very much in favour with business users.

Who are business mobile phones suitable for?

Naturally, people with busy working lives get the most out of business phones. However, the advanced email functions and QWERTY keyboards boasted by the best business phones mean they are a great choice for anyone who uses their handset extensively for emailing, instant messaging and working on documents on the go.

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