Clamshell mobile phones

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Clamshell mobile phones

Clamshell mobile phones are handsets which feature two or more sections that fold together into a compact shape when the phone is not in use. When you want to make or take a call, all you need do is flip open your phone.

Clamshell mobiles appeal to people because of their small size, which makes them really easy to carry around, as well as the astounding array of functions that manufacturers manage to cram in.

Which are the best Clamshell Mobile Phones?

Among the clamshell mobiles to have received rave notices are LG’s highly popular Chocolate models, the RAZR range from Motorola and selected mobile phones in Nokia’s Eseries.

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Why would I choose a Clamshell Mobile Phone?

Clamshell mobile phones offer users a host of advantages over mobiles with different form factors.

Clamshell Mobiles are easier to carry around

The small dimensions of a clamshell mobile phone means that it slips easily into your pocket, leaving plenty of room for any other essentials that you might need to carry around with you.

Less vulnerable to mishaps

When folded up, the clamshell mobile phone form factor provides plenty of protection for the screen. This is a real bonus if you’re the kind of person whose prone to unfortunate accidents.

View call info without opening the phone

Clamshell phones often feature a window onto the screen from the upper part of the mobile phone. That means that you can see who is calling without even opening the handset.

Long battery life

Powering a display is one of the largest drains on a mobile phone battery. However, when clamshell mobile phones are closed, only enough power is used for the tiny fraction of the screen that is visible. As a result, clamshell mobile phone owners can enjoy considerably longer battery life.

Conversely, the only real disadvantage of a clamshell mobile phone is that if a phone is heavily used the hinge can become loosened.

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Are Clamshell Mobiles different from flip mobiles?

In a nutshell, they don’t. These terms are interchangeable and simply refer to multi-part mobile phones that fold up.

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History of Clamshell Mobile Phones?

Interestingly, the initial inspiration for clamshell mobiles is thought to have been the communicators that featured in the original series of Star Trek. However, it was not until the mid-1990s that the mobile phone form factor moved from science fiction to science fact.

During this period, Motorola is credited with having done much to popularise clamshell mobiles with its RAZR range. However, LG and Samsung clamshell phones have proved just as much of a hit with the public ever since.

The clamshell mobile phone form factor remains popular with many users, despite the arrival of newer innovations such as slide-out keyboards and touchscreens.

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