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Samsung Galaxy Ace

Galaxy Ace

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Google mobile phones

Google mobile phones are hugely powerful, cutting-edge handsets that use the Android operating system. The term can refer to branded phones from HTC and Samsung that run on Google's Android platform, but can also be applied specifically to phones that feature Google branding, such as the Nexus range.

Owners of a Google mobile phone can do everything from download new applications to surf the web at super-fast speeds, use multiple apps simultaneously and access social networking updates with ease. Handily, they also come with Google’s most popular apps and services installed out of the box, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and more.

Advantages of Google mobiles

Google phones are the latest, and some would say greatest, mobiles around and have made a massive impact on the mobile phone sector. Here are a few of the things that make Google mobiles a great choice of handset.

Download apps

At the core of Google phones' appeal is the fact that they allow you to download new applications, or apps, from the Android Market. Essentially an online store, this allows users to get their hands on an amazing array of fun and practical applications and effectively change the functionality of their handset every day.

Customise your homescreen for maximum convenience

Google phones feature homescreens that allow you adjust the layout of your mobile to meet your specific needs. That means that all the apps and functions that you use the most need only ever be a single screen tap away.

Free upgrades

Periodically Google issues new and improved versions of the Android operating system. These will usually iron out any problems with previous edition and even add great new functions to your Google mobile phone that were not available before.

Use multiple functions simultaneously

The Android operating system is an advanced and hugely powerful piece of software that co-ordinates the functions of a Google phone and efficiently metes out the handset’s resources and power accordingly. As a result, Google phone owners will find they can email, surf the web and view media simultaneously with none of the lag or slowdown that has blighted earlier, less technologically advanced mobile phones.

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Are Google mobile phones expensive?

Google mobile phones are more costly than lower-end mobiles. However, for the array of functions and cutting-edge mobile experience that they offer, we think they represent very good value for money.

Moreover, Google phones are becoming increasingly accessible to almost everyone, as manufacturers bring cheaper Google mobiles to market.

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What's the difference between an Android phone and a Google Phone?

For some people the term 'Android phones' is simply another way of referring to a 'Google phone'. This stems from the fact that the Android platform is owned by and was created by Google. However, for others the only real Google phones are those that feature the search giant's own branding, such as the Nexus range.

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