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Samsung Galaxy Ace

Galaxy Ace

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Internet mobile phones

Internet mobile phones are handsets that allow users to get online and surf the web, send emails and visit all their favourite websites while they're on the go.

An internet mobile phone is also a passport to non-stop entertainment wherever you are, allowing you to stream video and music, download great games and apps and even update your social networking profiles in an instant.

What can you do with an internet mobile phone?

The advent of fast HSDPA and 3G mobile broadband technology has transformed mobile phones from devices designed solely for calls and text messages into multi-functional gadgets with almost limitless features.

Here are just some of the great things that internet phones offer users:

Applications and games

The term ‘apps’ refers to paid-for and free software that you can obtain online from app stores and then download to your internet mobile phone.

Apps take in everything from handy price comparison tools that enable you to find bargains in your area quickly to easily to GPS maps applications that make navigation as quick and easy as possible.

But apps aren’t just practical. You can also download entertainment applications such as Spotify that brings a world of music directly to your internet mobile phone, as well as fun novelties and fantastic games to keep you occupied on the move.

Download music and movies

Internet mobile phones offer fast mobile broadband connections to allow you to get hold of all the latest tunes and movies. This makes them invaluable on long journeys or when you’re commuting to work.


All internet mobile phones let you check and send emails. Newer push email enabled internet phones, however, go one better and direct messages straight to your mobile phone. This makes picking up and responding to your mail immeasurably quicker.

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Using an internet mobile phone

Getting on the web with an internet mobile phone is easy and is simply a case of pressing a single button. However, one important thing to be mindful of when buying an internet phone is choosing a plan with a web browsing allowance. Pick a plan with a generous allowance will give you more freedom to surf and download content at leisure, without worrying about unexpected charges.

Owners of internet mobile phones can however bypass charges and avoid exceeding their download allowance by taking advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots. These are now located in towns and cities up and down the country and even in selected coffee shop chains and restaurants.

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Internet mobile phones and 3G coverage

As you might expect, in areas where there 3G network coverage is patchy, such as certain rural locations around the UK, it will be harder to get online and use the online functions of an internet mobile phone. However, you will still be able to use your handset to make calls and send texts.

The future of internet mobile phones

In years to come, mobile internet networks are set to offer connections of dizzying speeds. This will make surfing the web on an internet mobile phone exponentially faster than it is at present and will speed up downloads just as much. The advent of faster networks is also predicted to result in the creation of a host of new functions, including super-fast streaming of movies in HD.

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