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Chat for free from just £10 per month! Great deals on mobile phones with free call minutes from all networks. Get a mobile with free calls today and start talking on your phone for free!

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Mobile phones & free calls

Mobile phones with free calls are the perfect way for people who love to chat to make the most out of their mobile phone deal.

All the major networks offer mobile phone with free calls deals, usually on pay monthly price plans. Most pay monthly mobile phone price plans include a set number of free minutes and many pay as you go mobile deals now offer free mobile minutes as an incentive to keep you topping up regularly.

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Are free mobile minutes really free?

Getting free minutes with your mobile phone deal all comes down to picking the right package. As we have already explained, you can get free minutes with most contracts. However, how many free minutes you are entitled to will always depend on the package you pick.

You can find a whole range of deals that do genuinely give you free minutes. And there are plenty of mobile phone tariffs offering double talk-time deals or, for the more talkative among us, unlimited mobile minutes.

Unlimited minutes are a great way for those of us that love to chat to cash in on the mobile network's generosity. Find one of these and you never need worry about going over your allocated minutes and getting a hefty bill again. Simply pay a set amount each month for unlimited talk time. With unlimited talk time you will never be out of credit, never be over your budget and always be able to chat!

It is worth bearing in mind that free minutes are not always completely free. Sometimes these free minutes are referred to as 'inclusive' rather than free minutes, acknowledging that you do make some payment for them. But in even the worst case scenario, you will find that you pay a heavily discounted rate for a set amount of free or inclusive minutes as part of your standard monthly subscription fee to the network.

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Which networks offer mobiles with free minutes?


Orange has a range of mobile phone talk plans aimed specifically at people who love to chat. These, somewhat appropriately, are named after an animal that loves to communicate, like the canary. Orange's Canary packages offer customers free evening and weekend calls to any mobile.

Orange also offers inclusive minutes with all


O2 offers both inclusive and unlimited calls with its pay monthly mobile tariffs. Unlimited calls with O2 are specifically for use on the O2 network, which means if your family and friends are on O2, you could talk to them for as long as you want for free.

O2 also gives pay as you go customers 10 per cent back on all top ups to reward them for their loyalty. That can equate to a lot of free calls if you're a frequent phone user.


T-Mobile's inclusive minutes are a great deal for people looking for lots of talk-time for their money.


Savvy shoppers can get free weekend and international calls when they take advantage of Vodafone's Freebees promotion.

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