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Mobile phones & free PS3

Mobile phone and free PS3 deals are the perfect antidote to the credit crunch for all the gamers out there. If you are looking to get a new phone and would like to get your hands on Sony's PlayStation3, then there is definitely a mobile phone and free PS3 deal out there for you.

The Sony PS3 is a high-tech, high definition gaming system that brings the most action-packed games to life in your living room. Getting a mobile phone and free PS3 deal means that you can bring the huge gaming capabilities of the PlayStation into your home for free.

Why choose a mobile phone and free PS3 deal?

The PlayStation 3 or PS3 has enormous processing power. It has a hard disc drive and Blu-ray disc storage as standard, which, combined with the processing speed of the PlayStation's unique Cell Broadband Engine, means that it can provide advanced gaming with unimaginable scope and detail.

Your mobile phone and free PS3 deal should also come complete with the iconic Sony Sixaxis Wireless Controller. The Sixaxis controller has been designed just for the Sony PlayStation 3 for optimum control. Just one of the new features is the latest in Bluetooth technology, which means that up to seven controllers can connect to the PS3 System at once!

Play your games online

With a mobile phone and free PS3 deal, you are not only signing up to a great value mobile phone contract, but you are also getting free access to the PlayStation Network. If you have broadband at home, you can access the PlayStation Network to get online and play games with people around the world.

Experience high definition gaming

If you have a high definition TV then you can make the most of your mobile phone and free PS3 deal by plugging in your PS3. Scenes on PlayStation3 Games are rendered in the best resolution modern technology can provide – 1080p.

Get high definition DVD viewing with your mobile and free PS3

Getting a mobile phone with a free PlayStation 3 deal also means getting a mobile phone and free Blu-ray Disc player. Blu-ray is the new disc format that uses a super-accurate blue-violet laser. Blu-ray Discs can store 25GB of data compared to the 4.7GB that a normal DVD can store.

The Sony PlayStation3 retails at around £300. However, you can sign-up for a mobile phone and free PS3 deal and spread your payments, making it much more affordable.

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