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Samsung Galaxy Ace

Galaxy Ace

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Newest mobile phones

The newest mobile phones are a wholly different proposition to the basic handsets that drove the late-1990s boom in mobile phone ownership and are positively packed with cutting-edge features.

In fact, the newest mobile phones are often more like mini computers and offer everything from super-fast web browsing to full QWERTY keyboards and advanced email functions.

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Why choose one of the newest mobile phones?

The newest mobile phones allow you to really make the most of owing a handset. Here are just some of the fun and practical features that the newest mobile phone models offer:

Advanced gaming capabilities

With the inclusion of motion sensitive accelerometers that detect the handset's movements, owners of the newest mobile phones effectively have a motion-controlled console in their pockets.

The latest mobile phones also offer 3D stereoscopic displays for a truly visceral and immersive gaming experience.

QWERTY keyboards

Instead of the fiddly keypads that characterised early mobiles, the newest mobile phones are fitted with keyboards laid out in the popular QWERTY format. These make entering large amounts of text quicker and easier than ever before.


As the name suggests, touchscreens are displays that respond to touch inputs and allow mobile phone users to access functions and flick through menus simply by pressing their fingers directly onto the screen, making them incredibly easy and intuitive to use. Once you’ve tried a phone that employs this kind of interface, it’s unlikely you’ll ever want to go back to old-fashioned keypads.

Advanced email functions

The newest mobile phones let you sychronise multiple email accounts to a single inbox to make keeping up to date with missives a breeze. The arrival of push email means that you can now get mail sent directly to your handset, thus eliminating the time-consuming process of pulling them down from a remote server.

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Are the newest mobile phones expensive?

Naturally, older handsets tend to be cheaper. However, the newest mobile phones are always available on keenly priced pay monthly contracts that let you spread out their costs.

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Which networks offer the newest mobile phones?

Generally, the newest mobile phones are on offer on a range of networks. Occasionally a network will sign an exclusive deal for one of the newest mobile phones that means that it has the sole rights to sell the handset. Often, these exclusive deals are for a limited period only, which means the handset you want may still be available on the network of your choosing somewhere down the line.

You may also find that certain colour variants for a particular model are only available on a specific carrier.

How can I keep up to date with the newest mobile phones?

uSwitch Mobile Phones publishes daily news and blogs about all the newest mobile phones out there, so that you can read about the latest developments as they happen.

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