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PDA mobile phones

PDA (personal digital assistant) mobile phones are great for organising busy lives. Choose a PDA mobile phone and you are getting a mobile that does the job of a phone and a PDA at the same time.

Mobile phones with built-in PDA functions mean that you have everything you need at your fingertips wherever you are. With a PDA mobile you can stay connected and access all your contacts and important information with ultimate efficiency.

PDA mobile phones are sometimes classed as smartphones. There is no official definition of what makes a mobile phone a smartphone but it is generally considered that smartphones are mobiles with capabilities extending beyond the realms of a traditional mobile phone, often to include PC-like functions and applications.

What is a PDA mobile phone?

PDA stands for Personal Digital Aassistant, traditionally this has referred to a handheld computer, or palmtop computer. PDAs generally have a touchscreen interface, wireless connectivity and can be synchronised with a laptop or desktop computer.

The first ever PDA mobile phone was the Nokia 9000 Communicator. This mobile phone with PDA functionality has paved the way for all subsequent PDA mobile phones and has given rise to a new generation of PDA's in which the standalone PDA is almost obsolete and the PDA mobile phone dominates.

Some of the most basic PDA functions of a mobile phone include the ability to manage your calendar, email, contacts, address book, notes and to-do lists and documents.

PDA mobile phones are phones that have built-in PDA functions. Many mobile phones have had some of these functions for years, but the PDA mobile phone brings them all together in a much more seamless fashion.

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Touchscreen PDA mobile phones

Most PDA phones nowadays use a touchscreen interface, often with a stylus. The benefit of choosing a touchscreen PDA mobile phone is that you can make the most of a range of ways to interact with your phone.

Touchscreen PDA mobile phones often feature a virtual keyboard, which is shown on the screen and allow users to type by simply tapping on the keys – making them really handy for emails and messaging.

Another benefit of touchscreen PDA mobile phones is that they often feature stroke recognition or letter and word recognition. This means that users can write on the touchscreen (either with their finger or with a stylus) just as they would on an actual writing pad and the PDA mobile phone translates that into the text in the text field of the application in use.

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Who uses PDA mobile phones?

Mobile phones with built-in PDA functions mean that people no longer have to carry around a number of small devices in order to stay connected. This makes them hugely popular with business users.

However, PDA phones are becoming increasingly popular with everyone, not just people who have traditionally relied on a PDA. As many people these days expect their mobile phones to be a single handheld device that allows them to stay connected, take pictures, access the internet, listen to music and more, PDA phones are becoming an essential companion for many types of users.

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