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Skype mobile phones

Skype mobile phones are handsets that come with Skype, a popular software that allows owners to make free calls to other Skype-enabled devices over the Internet and exchange instant messages.

Some Skype phones also allow users to make local and International calls to landlines and mobiles at reduced rates.

Branded Skype mobile phones come with the software pre-installed. However, it can also be downloaded to older and non-Skype branded handsets in the same way that you might download a game or an application.

Why choose a Skype mobile phone?

The main advantage of Skype phones is the incredible savings on offer, making them very attractive to anyone looking to cut down their mobile phone expenditure.

Furthermore, the fact that calls between Skype phones are free irrespective of where users are makes them a superb selection for anyone whose family or friends are living overseas.

Some Skype mobile phones also offer a internet tethering function. This lets owners use the handsets as a mobile broadband dongle to get online with their laptop or PC instead of paying for a separate device or connection.

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Which handsets are Skype mobile phones?

Skype mobile phones are becoming increasingly common with the release of new handsets from top brands such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Skype-branded handsets can also be picked up for free from 3, while non-Skype branded smartphones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry range allow you to download the Skype application free of charge.

As a rule of thumb, as long as your mobile phone is 3G-compatible and your network does not prohibit the use of Skype, it can be used as a Skype mobile phone.

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History of Skype mobile phones

Skype was originally developed as a means of making free voice and video calls on PCs and laptops. However, with the advent of 3G enabled mobile phones, a Skype client for mobile phones was created and launched in April 2008 as a free download.

Since then Skype been embraced by millions of mobile phone users and some of the biggest names in the industry. Among these is 3 which launched a special branded Skype mobile phone to market in 2008. Meanwhile, Nokia has also welcomed Skype into its NSeries range of handsets.

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