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Walkman mobile phones

The term 'Walkman phones' is sometimes used to refer to any mobile with an onboard music player. However, it is more commonly understood to mean music-focussed Sony Ericsson mobile phones with Walkman branding.

Just as with modern personal stereos, Walkman phones are compatible with most of the popular audio file formats. And they also let you sync with your computer and offer storage for thousands of songs.

What’s so good about Walkman mobile phones?

As well as with their cool looks and compact form factors, Walkman phones stand out for a number of reasons. These include:

Sound quality

Walkman mobile phones harness the famed musical expertise of Sony and boast cutting-edge sound quality enhancing technology, such as MegaBass, Clear Bass and Clear Stereo. These help create a mobile music experience that is easily the equal of a dedicated personal stereo.

Fun controls

Newer Walkman phones feature a great function called Shake Control that adds a fun element to listening to music. This allows users to choose a track at random simply by shaking the handset. A vibration lets you know that the track has been changed.

Dedicated stereo buttons

As well as a standard keypad and menus, Walkman phones are equipped with special buttons on the outside of the handset which are used solely for controlling the music. That means you’ll be able to skip and replay tracks quickly and easily without having to flick through a lot of menus.

Music recognition

Sony Ericsson has fitted Walkman mobile phones with TrackID. This brilliant feature lets owners record a few minutes of music in a café or a bar and instantly find out the name, artist and album of the track via text message.

Download new tracks fast

The newest Walkman mobile phones offer 3G HSDPA support. This means that users can download new songs directly to their mobile phone as quickly as they would at home. It also means that all the latest music is at their fingertips wherever they are.

Create playlists

With intuitive menus and support for several multiple playlists, Walkman mobile phones make it easy to make up sequences of songs to suit your mood or taste.

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What other functions do Walkman mobile phones offer?

Walkman phones aren’t just good for playing music. They also offer all the latest communication options that feature on other phones.

Some of these are: great cameras, video playback to keep you entertained, email, web browsers and social networking tools.

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What other music phones are on the market?

Walkman mobile phones are just a small proportion of the hundreds of music focused mobile phones available.

Nokia's XpressMusic range of phones are specially designed to give a great sonic experience, for instance. Just as with Sony Ericsson Walkman mobiles, they offer dedicated buttons as well as plenty of storage space for songs.

iPhones, meanwhile, offer music player functionality that matches an iPod and lets you create playlists via the great touchscreen interface and enjoy a massive 24 hours of music playback.

Some of the best music phones are also made by HTC. These handsets feature Beats Audio technology by Hip-Hop producer Dr Dre and offer studio quality sound just as the artists intended.

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