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Phone features

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Black features

  • OS
  • Screen
  • Camera
    8 MP + Flash
  • Weight
    140 grams
  • Memory 64GB
  • Width 58.6 mm
  • Height 115.2 mm
  • Depth 9.3 mm
  • Talk time 14 hours
  • Standby time 200 hours
  • Screen resolution 640x960
  • Touchscreen Yes
  • 3G Yes
  • Quad band Yes
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • Wifi Yes
  • Headphones jack Yes

Phone description

The iPhone 4S is the point where incredible design meets equally amazing power and functionality. With a brilliant eight megapixel camera, a vibrant 3.5-inch super high-density retina display, a whopping 64GB of storage space, lightning fast browsing and a mighty dual core A5 processor, it’s brimming with standout features. And the amazing Siri app means everything you need is only ever a voice command away.

If you’re looking for a phone that leaves the competition standing still, you’re in the right place. The ‘S’ in the title of this game-changing handset stands for ‘speed’. This time Apple has pulled out all the stops to make this the snappiest smartphone around.

With HSPA+ network support, you’ll be able to browse the web at up to twice the speed that you can with 3G phones. But that’s not all. Also on board is a mighty dual core A5 processor that gives the iPhone 4S some real zip and means you can get to all your favourite apps and functions faster than ever before.

Cameraphones don’t come much better either. The iPhone 4S is equipped with a terrific eight megapixel lens as well as face detection technology and brand new optics that cope brilliantly with low-light conditions to ensure you get standout snaps each and every time. Video is just as impressive, with 1080p HD footage turning even the most lo-fi clips into slick mini movies.

But all that’s just the beginning of this phone’s strong suits. The iPhone 4S’ standout feature is the staggering Siri voice applications. This game-changing app allows you to simply speak instructions into your phone and conduct searches, book appointments, schedule reminders and even dictate text messages.

Siri is also so advanced that it gets better at understanding your commands over time and even quizzes you to determine exactly what you want your phone to do.

At the heart of this handset is the all-new iOS 5 operating system. This brings with it over 200 features and exclusive apps, including the awesome BlackBerry Messenger-style iMessage. Plus there’s a handy notifications hub and a slew of extra browser features, too. You can even manage all your content and apps and edit photos right there on your phone, cutting the chord with PCs forever.

This top-of-the range iPhone 4S also packs a longer-life battery that offers up to eight hours of 3G use on a full charge, a 3.5-inch high density retina display and 64GB of internal capacity.

Choose the iPhone 4S 64GB edition and you'll also get the use of Cloud storage for stashing files and a choice of tens of thousands of apps.

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