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With best-in-class email and brilliantly designed touchscreens and physical keyboards for quick text entry, BlackBerry Torch phones are excellent for business. And they’ve got fun covered too, with super fast browsing, the popular BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging app pre-installed and tons of apps and games to choose from the BlackBerry App World.

Why choose a Torch?

Why choose a Torch over a BlackBerry Curve? Or a BlackBerry Bold? Or even another handset-maker’s model? Here, we’ll talk you through the Torch range’s standout features to help you decide.

Large touchscreens

The Torch range features the largest displays of any BlackBerrys. That goes for the all-touchscreen models, as well as those that team a touchscreen with a slide-out physical keyboard.

This means that Torch phones are a great choice for anyone who likes a larger screen and wants to interact with their handset intuitively.

Physical keyboards

Not all Torch models have physical QWERTY keyboards. But if you’re the sort of person who insists on one, they are a feature of select handsets in the range.

The advantage of physical keyboards is that they enable you to input large amounts of text quickly and easily, so they’re an excellent choice if you need a phone that will help you work on the go.

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Powerful processors

To ensure they’re fast to use, Torch phones are equipped with brawny processors. That means you’ll be able to quickly flip between applications and multi-task much more efficiently.

What’s more, it means that Torch phones are among the best around for making the most of your time.

Fast browsing

All BlackBerry Torch phones are impressively fast for web browsing thanks to the pre-installed WebKit browsers they boast. But newer models powered by the BlackBerry 7 operating system offer web browsing some 40 per cent faster than those running the older OS6 version. To find out which are which, check out the specifications pages of the handsets.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is arguably the world’s best and most secure smartphone instant messaging service, with a clean, clear layout that makes it fantastically easy to use. BBM is also free to use and means you don’t have to eat into your monthly texts and calls allowance.

Slide out form factors

Select Torch models feature a two part slide phone design, whereby the keyboard slides neatly under the phone when not in use. Not only does this mean that they’re compact and slip easily in your pocket. It also makes room for a larger screen, because there’s no need to accommodate a keyboard at the front of the phone.

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Optical keypads

These are a hallmark of BlackBerrys. They’re perhaps best described as cross between a trackpad on a laptop and a mouse on a desktop, and offer very precise way of moving around the screen to access all your favourite features.

BlackBerry 7 OS

The newer BlackBerry Torch phones are powered by the latest version of RIM’s operating system, dubbed BB7. This means they’re optimised for social networking, run super smoothly and offer super fast web browsing.

Who are Torch phones aimed at?

BlackBerrys were once the preserve of businessmen. Not any more. The Torch does offer great, secure email that made the phones such a hit in the corporate world. But it matches that with more fun features too, plus the BBM service that’s popular with teenagers. And with a host of games and apps on offer, the Torch really is a great choice for anyone.

Who sells BlackBerry phones?

You can pick up BlackBerry handsets on all major UK networks. Prices start from around £15 per month for lower-end models and go all the way up to £40 for the newest offerings.

What alternatives are there to Torch phones?

BlackBerry phones come in a host of other varieties, including Bold, Curve and Storm phones. Check out some of the other models at our dedicated BlackBerry manufacturer page. Also popular with fans of messaging phones is the Nokia Eseries range.

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