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BlackBerry Bold phones

BlackBerry Bold phones mean business - in every sense. They're fantastic for on the go messaging and are every bit as secure as your work email. Plus they double as satellite navigation devices too.

Key features of the BlackBerry Bold range

Select a phone from the BlackBerry Bold line and you'll gain access to a full suite of practical functions that make it easier than ever to work and message while you're on the move. Here are just some of them:

Advanced email functions

BlackBerry phones pioneered the use of push email and it's a key selling point of the Bold range too. This technology means that users are notified by an alert system whenever messages are sent to their accounts. This makes it faster than ever to respond to emails and means you'll never miss an important message.

The Bold range also allows users to add up to ten personal and work email adresses to their smartphone. All popular services are supported, including AOL® Mail, Windows LivE Hotmail, Google Mail™ or Yahoo! Mail. And you can even add a new one that's unique to your handset.

Just as handy is that all Bold phones come with an attachment viewer. This means that you can view documents created in key Office packages which have been sent to you as email attachments. Some of the range even feature a document editor, so you can work on files too and have your office in the palm of your hand anywhere you go.

And arguably more useful is the option Bold phones offer to record voice notes you have recorded on your handset as an email attachment.

QWERTY Keyboards

Why struggle with a fiddly touchscreen text entry system when you can use a physical keyboard instead? These are central to the BlackBerry Bold range and enable users to tap out lengthy mails and text messages almost as fast and accurately as on a home computer or laptop. Some models also feature the option of touchscreen keyboards, which are equipped with manufacturer Research in Motion's SurePress technology to help you avoid typos.

Remote management

Unlike traditional mobile phones, the BlackBerry Bold smartphone can be centrally managed and supported by IT departments. So if you lose your handset it can be deactivated and you'll be freed from worries that sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands.

Satellite navigation

All the Bold line come with BlackBerry Maps - RIM's exclusive mapping software - built-in. This combines with the handsets' A-GPS support to enable Bold phones to offer all the functionality of a dedicated satellite navigation device. Using the turn by turn directions it provides, you'll find you can slash your travelling times no matter how unfamiliar your locale.

Hundreds of applications

BlackBerry Bold users get full access to RIM's great online software market, App World. Here you'll find a huge choice of practical business tools, travel apps and fun games.

Qualcomm processors

These are hugely powerful and are employed in Bold phones to keep them running smoothly and minimising the lag that blights some other smartphones.

Masses of memory

RIM is mindful of the fact that business users and consumers alike are demanding more and more storage space from their phones. For this reason, Bold mobiles have plenty of room for all your apps, documents and contacts and the option to expand your onboard memory by adding a microSD card.

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Who do BlackBerry Bold phones suit?

The advanced messaging capabilities of the BlackBerry Bold mobiles traditionally made them a favourite with corporations and enterprise users. However, latterly they have become more and more mainstream and now appeal equally to consumers. In short, BlackBerry Bold smartphones are great for anyone who uses their phone for extensive messaging.

Finding BlackBerry Bold deals

Our dedicated BlackBerry Bold deals page lists and orders the best BlackBerry Bold offers around to help you find the right price point, handset and usage allowance for your needs. BlackBerry Bold phones are available on all major UK networks across a range of contract lengths and tariffs, so we're sure you'll be able to find a BlackBerry Bold deal that's perfect for your needs.

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