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Samsung Genio phones explained

Samsung Genio mobiles put the fun in functionality. They're perfect for social networking and messaging on the go. But although they're serious mobile communications devices, they're also so cool, compact and colourful as to make more business orientated mobiles seem very grey indeed.

But why choose a Genio over the other great mobiles out there? Here's an extensive run through of the range's key features to help you make your mind up.

Social networking

The Genio range is custom built for social networking. Not only do users get instant notifications of changes to friends' and family members' profiles. They can also update their own profiles directly from their phone.

What's more with support for all the key social networking services, including MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, Genio phones are surely some of the most sociable around. Plus, the physical QWERTY keyboards that feature on some models, such as the Genio QWERTY, make it a breeze to enter text.

Customisable user interfaces

Samsung Genio phones use a specially built user widget-based interface called TouchWiz. In a nutshell, this enables you to set the layout of your phone any way you like. For instance, you may want to position icons for your favourite and most-used apps on your homescreen at all times, so that they're quick to get to at all times. Alternatively, you can make your homescreen simple and uncluttered for maximum ease of use.

Vibrant colours & interchangeable shells

In a sea of identikit mobiles, Genio phones, which are available in bright pink, orange and yellow, stand out a mile. Genio phone users are also able to swap their covers and completely transform the look of their phone.

Push email

Gone are the days when getting email on a phone required pulling it down from a server. With Genio phones, messages are sent directly to your phone instead. This means you'll be able to respond to them at quickly as you would at home and never need to be out of the loop no matter how far you stray.


One of the key characteristics of the Genio line is the great touchscreens they all pack. To make for the best possible user experience the handsets are fitted with capacitive feedback technology, so that each time you press the screen you'll feel a slight vibration to let you know that your command has registered.

Users can also double the size of pictures with just a couple of screen taps - brilliant for getting a closer look at pictures and when you're surfing the web.

Who are Samsung Genio phones suitable for?

Affordable price points and the cool colour schemes featured in Genio mobiles have made them a big hit with teenagers and younger phone users. But the great array of functions and advanced email capabilities they offer mean they're a great choice for anyone who messages extensively on the go.

What kind of Samsung Genio deals are there?

Genio phones deals are available at a range of monthly contracts with a host of tariff options. They are also on offer on pay as you go deals, as well as some attractive free gift bundles that the team the handset, with monthly usage and a giveaway such as a games console or satellite navigation unit.