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HTC Desire Deals

HTC Desire phones are massively powerful, high-end Android phones. Choose an HTC Desire phone and you’ll get masses of apps to choose from, a beautiful high- resolution display and an amazing camera. Desire phones are great for social networking and they look fantastic too.

Why choose an HTC Desire phone?

HTC Desire phones have been some of the biggest-selling smartphones of recent times and have arguably done more to popularise Google’s Android platform than any other handsets.

In fact, such was the success of the original HTC Desire phone that it has since spawned a whole range of Desire branded phones, each with subtly different capabilities and key specifications.

But just why are Desire mobiles so highly rated by consumers and critics alike? Here, we’ll take you through their key features and attempt to explain their allure.


HTC Desire phones run the Android operating system – advanced software that manages the handset’s resources and makes them run smoothly. More important as far as we’re concerned, though, is that Android phone buyers benefit from a vast selection of applications, numbering somewhere over 200,000 titles.

Android apps take in everything from fun games to more practical business tools designed to help you be as productive as possible. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find at Google’s official software store or at the third-party owned GetJar shop.

Best of all is that many Android apps are completely free to download, so you need not spend a penny to get some great titles. And to get you started, you’ll get some fantastic apps pre-installed when you buy a Desire phone, too.

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Regular updates

Google periodically issues updates for Android phones, which users simply download over the air. Each time an upgrade is pushed out it brings a host of new features to your HTC Desire phone. Some upgrades are so jam-packed with additional functions that it’s almost like getting a brand new phone!

An Android update for an HTC Desire phone will also fix any bugs or software glitches that have been discovered.

HTC Sense

Every phone in the HTC Desire range comes with HTC Sense built in. This is a features that lets you customise the layout of your phone simply by dragging icons to the screen where you want them. With HTC Sense you really can have your phone just the way you want it.

Being able to put your mark on your HTC Desire phone also means that you can position all your most used features on the homescreen so you’ll be able to get to them with a single press on the touchscreen. You can also change views to give your Desire phone a look that’s completely unique to you.

Sense is also brilliant for social networking. Set the great HTC Friend Stream app to show on your homescreen and it’ll seamlessly aggregate all your social activity across Facebook, Twitter and Flicker into a single area. This makes it incredibly easy to keep up to date with everything that’s going on. You can even organise your nearest and dearest into specific groups.

Brilliant touchscreens

HTC Desire phones harness the latest in multi-touch touchscreen technology, allowing you to use gestures such as pinch to zoom for a brilliant mobile web browsing. All Desire models also come with haptic feedback, giving you a small vibration to let you know that your touchscreen command has registered.

Desire phones’ screens high resolution and incorporation of advanced display technology, such as AMOLED and SLCD, means that they stand out as well for their expansive dimensions and the vibrant, colourful mobile video experiences they provide.

HD video recording & great cameras

Select Desire phones offer video recording in rich high definition, which adds a sheen of professionalism to your mini movies. What’s more with high-grade multiple megapixel lenses and features such as auto-focus and face recognition, they’re more than a match for dedicated digital cameras when it comes to still images.

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Excellent keyboards

Whether you’re updating your social networking profile or sending an email, you’re going to need a text entry system on your smartphone that you can rely on.

The touchscreen keyboards that feature on the HTC Desire range are second to none, allowing you to compose messages quickly and efficiently. The business focussed Desire phones also feature a physical QWERTY keypad, which is even faster to use.

Buying HTC Desire phones

HTC Desire phones are available on all major UK networks at a selection of price points, tariffs and usage allowances. Many feature a free phone, you won’t have to pay an upfront charge.

While shopping around it’s a good idea to look for a plan or network that offers you a generous mobile internet allowance. If you’re really planning to make the most of your HTC Desire phone’s 3G internet capabilities, this is going to be vital.

What other phones does HTC make?

Alongside the Desire range, HTC also produces a host of cheaper models that also run Android. These can be a great option if you’re on a budget.

HTC’s range also takes in phones that feature the Windows Phone 7 operating system. These are highly rated handsets that feature Microsoft’s brilliant tile-based user interface and offer an impressive selection of slick apps.

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