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Sony Ericsson Walkman phones in depth

Sony Ericsson Walkman phones are surely among the ultimate mobiles for enjoying music while you're on the go. Not only do they offer all the features of a dedicated music player and the stereo sound knowhow you'd expect from a Sony branded device. They're beautifully designed, multi-functional smartphones too.

Key features of Sony Ericsson Walkman phones

Naturally, music is at the heart of the Walkman range. Here we'll talk you through all Sony Ericsson Walkman phones' most important music-focussed features:


In a mellow mood? Or perhaps you only want to hear upbeat, uptempo songs? Sony Ericsson Walkman phones offer intuitive menus and support multiple playlists. This means it's a breeze to make up sequences of songs to match how you're feeling.

Dedicated stereo buttons

Fed up of having to trawl through standard phone menus to play songs on your mobile? With the Sony Ericsson range you don't have to. That's because they all feature dedicated buttons on the exterior which are solely used for controlling the stereo, skipping through tracks, fast forwarding and rewinding and volume.

Unparalleled sound quality

Sony Ericsson Walkman phones incorporate a host of stereo enhancement technology, such as Clear Bass, Clear Stereo and MegaBass. As a result, they deliver a sonic experience that's easily comparable to a dedicated personal stereo.

Motion sensitive control

Most devices in the Walkman range are home to a feature that allows users to select a track to listen to at random simply by flicking their wrist, with a vibration alerting them that a new song has been selected. This is a great, fun way to enjoy music.


This great feature allows users to record an unfamiliar snippet of music they hear when they're out and about and find out the name of the song, plus the artist and the album it comes from, via text message almost instantly. TrackID is a great way to discover new music.

Storage space

As well as ample onboard storage space, Sony Ericsson has equipped the Walkman range with microSD card support. These are tiny memory sticks that massively boost the memory capacity of your phone. Fit one of these to your mobile and even musos with massive collections will have plenty of room for their entire library of tracks.

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Are Sony Ericsson Walkman phones only good for music?

Not at all. The Walkman range features everything from push email, a super fast mobile internet experience, high-end cameras and a great selection of fun games and more practical applications.

Which networks offer Sony Ericsson Walkman phone deals?

You can pick up a Sony Ericsson phone on a host of monthly contract options as well as pay as you go plans from Vodafone, O2, Virgin Media, T-Mobile and Orange. Phones range from cheaper models to high-end, more expensive handsets to suit the needs of all types of buyers.

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