New phones coming soon: what's in store for the future

Jonathan Leggett

Get the inside line on coming soon phones and the future of mobiles with our easy guide.

The pace of change in the smartphone market picks up every week , providing more and more advanced handsets with functionality that we could have only dreamed of a few years ago.

Here, we’ll talk you through what to expect from new handset releases so you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when they hit the market.

Keeping up with new mobile phone handsets

The best way to keep in touch with developments in technology is to follow a dedicated news technology site, like uSwitch’s dedicated news section.

This will ensure that you’ll be first to hear about all the latest announcements from the world’s best manufacturers. And we'll fill you in about release dates, carriers, price points and contracts too.

Our journalists also report from the cutting-edge of future phone technology to give you an insight into what kind of high-end mobile phone functions we’ll be able to take advantage of in years hence.

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Trends in new mobile phones

Perhaps one of the key trends evident over the last few years is device convergence. This means having different functions integrated into a handset - phones aren’t just phones any more, they are cameras, video cameras, music players, SATNAVs and more.

So, not only will coming soon phones continue to blur the lines between devices, but they’ll become closer and closer to computers in terms of power and functionality.

Although laptops and desktops will never be replaced fully as there will always be technology that requires a powerful computer - mobile phones will eventually become more popular than any other device for accessing the internet.

Newer mobile phones are being increasingly equipped with powerful graphics processors that allow developers to create more immersive and complex games that will someday rival titles available on traditional consoles.

Another certainty is that the range of apps for phones will continue to boom, as handset capabilities become less and less determined by their onboard hardware and more by the range of software available. We can also expect to see 3D screens becoming successful on mobile phone in the future when the technology becomes cheaper and more widely available.

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Buying new phones

The high levels of anticipation surrounding major smarpthone releases are now so high that many networks offer dedicated 'coming soon' sections on their sites. These will often allow you to pre-order a handset, so you can get it before anyone else and not have to queue for hours and hours on launch day.

Some phone sections also let you register your interest in a ‘coming soon’ phone months ahead of its release. Customers who do this will be kept up to date via email about availability and tariffs.

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What does the future of phones hold?

With so many variables it’s not always possible to foresee how technology will develop, but judging by future releases and those already beginning to hit the market, there are some forecasts we can make with a degree of certainty.

One of these is that 4G networks will pave the way for truly next-generation handsets. 4G technology offers theoretical speeds of up to 300Mbps, and in so doing has the potential to completely transform the mobile internet experience.

Want to know more? Head to our guides section and read our guide to [the future of mobile phones](/mobiles/guides/futureofmobile_phones/

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