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Nokia Lumia 920 colours range

Nokia Lumia 920 owners should avoid factory-resetting their phone to tackle battery longevity problems, testimonies on a Windows Phone site attest, amid a slew of reports that doing so can brick the handset.

Earlier this week, chagrined Lumia 920 users took to the WPCentral forums to express their annoyance that the phone, which is but a month or so old, was beset by random reboots and disappointing battery life.

But while factory resets often ameliorate battery problems with other handsets, that’s not the case with the Lumia 920, which it seems is being rendered completely inoperable. Or to use a less ornate construction: it's borking them.

One user, dubbed Frantics, wrote: “Tried a System Reset to wipe the phone out and start fresh in hopes of improving the battery life but got stuck in the screen with the turning gears for hours.

“Now, after purposely draining it to get out of that screen, my phone won't boot past the Nokia screen.”

That experience was echoed by a host of other Lumia 920-fanciers. Not least David C1980, who noted that he’s “in the same boat” and that his shiny new smartphone is now little more than a “nokia branded paperweight”.

So what to do if you’re affected? Well it seems Nokia is offering complainees replacement phones on a quibble-free basis. So that's at least something.

Also very much to the company’s credit is the story of one contributor to WPCentral’s thread who went right to the top and mailed Nokia CEO Stephen Elop about his experience. Within half an hour he'd received a reply from the company’s customer service reps and an offer of a new phone.

The Lumia 920’s random reboot problem is also affecting the HTC Windows Phone 8X, suggesting that the issue lies with the Windows Phone 8 software that powers the handsets.

Neither company has yet issued any kind of official statement regarding the issues around their current flagship phones. But if that changes we'll let you know right here.



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