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Black Friday The deals have ended

Black Friday might be over but you can stay up to date with the latest deals all year round.

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This Black Friday saw deals from:



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How to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

How to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Black Friday is almost here, and it’s the ideal time to get a cheap deal on your mobile phone, home broadband or a tech product you’ve been wanting all year. So whether you want to save on a SIM only deal and get a data boost, get a faster broadband connection or pick up a new smartphone, here’s where you’ll find all our best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

When is Black Friday 2020

This year, Black Friday is on 27 November. So that’s the date to save if you want to find deals, savings and offers on all sorts of items, from mobiles to broadband, iPhone to Samsung Galaxy and all sorts of other exciting items. Here at Uswitch we’ll be making a headstart with early Black Friday deals available from Monday 23 November. 

How long does Black Friday last?

Black Friday officially starts on midnight of 27 November, but that doesn’t mean you only have one day to get a bargain. It’s not uncommon for stores and brands to keep the Black Friday deals coming all weekend. Here at Uswitch we’ll be making a headstart with early Black Friday deals available from Monday 23 November. 

Should you wait for Black Friday to buy?

Black Friday 2020 is the ideal time to get a cheap deal on anything from a new smartphone to faster broadband and everything in between. With discounts and savings found on all sorts of products, it’s certainly worth waiting for. But while Black Friday officially kicks off on 27 November you might even be able to get an early Black Friday deal, as some shops and brands like to start their sales early. Check out these early Black Friday mobile phones deals

Is Black Friday worth it?

Black Friday is a global shopping event where you can find bargains on tech, get cheap deals on smartphones, find discounts on broadband packages and more. With online shopping the focus of this year’s sales it’ll also be a great time to do your Christmas shopping. So it’s definitely worth saving the date, logging on and keeping an eye out on all our best deals.

How long does Cyber Monday last?

Cyber Monday comes on the 30 November, right after Black Friday. As the name suggests, it’s strictly an online shopping event. And it’ll be a day when you can find discounts and savings on smartphones, mobile phone plans, broadband deals and more. Cyber Monday traditionally only lasts for one day, so you’ll have to be fast to snap up a deal. We’ll have all our best deals here so bookmark this page so you don’t miss out. 

Is Cyber Monday better than Black Friday?

Cyber Monday is like an extension of Black Friday. It’s one long weekend of shopping savings. Both days are great for cheap deals and discounts. This year, Black Friday is on 27 November and Cyber Monday is 30 November, so keep both dates saved and get ready to grab a cheap deal. To save you time, we'll be collecting all our best deals here so stay tuned and bag a bargain.

What time will Cyber Monday start?

Cyber Monday 2020 will start at midnight on 30 November - it’s the Monday after Black Friday so you get an extra day to pick up anything you might have missed. Get your shopping lists ready, organise your browser tabs and stay tuned to this page where we’ll collect all our best deals across mobile phones, broadband and tech.

Do you really save money on Cyber Monday?

With Cyber Monday and Black Friday now bona fide global shopping events, no retailer wants to miss out so you will be able to save money on all sorts of products. You might even be able to get new smartphones like the iPhone 12, or last year’s iPhone 11,  on a cheaper deal. Keep an eye out for offers on mobiles, broadband, laptops, tablets and more. We’ll be updating this page with all our best deals so you don’t have to worry about scrolling through a load of websites.