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Are your pipes at bursting point?

A bit of prevention could mean saving your house and a bit of money.

Snow flakes on a pipe

Photo credit: elif ayse via Flickr

With most of Britain in the grip of freezing cold weather you could find – particularly in older homes – that your water pipes can freeze or break. If this happens you could be susceptible to flooding, loss of power, loss of heating and a whole host of other problems.

It’s important in this weather to make sure you’re adequately covered should the worst happen. Insurers will send round qualified tradesman in the event of a claim, and the work they do is usually guaranteed, giving you some peace of mind.

When it comes to making a claim, you need to make sure that you have all the details you need to hand. If you can, take pictures of any damage and send them to the insurance company. Some companies will now accept scanned images which you can send via e-mail, but other companies may still insist that you send them by post.

Once the insurance companies have your pictures and any other details of the claim, they will send a tradesperson to your property, who will then provide you (and the insurance company) with an estimated cost for the work.

Unfortunately, making a claim may reduce your no claims bonus and as a result, you may be charged a higher premium in the following year. However, the cost of repairs with these kinds of claims will often be significantly higher than your new home insurance premium, which makes claiming a bit less painful