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Green ways to save over £1,000 a year

Spending money wisely and helping the environment don’t have to be mutually exclusive actions, says Rob Crumbie of community recycling organisation Recyclebank.

Stack of pound coins

With UK household finances continuing to be squeezed, eco-friendly behaviours often take a backseat. But what if there was a greener way to go about your working day that could also help you save hundreds of pounds a year?

Try some of these top green money saving tips to start saving at home and at work:

Love your leftovers – save around £700 per year

Have you ever worked out your weekly lunch costs? Spending £3 day on a lunchtime ‘meal deal’ could cost you over £700 a year.

Instead, try to plan your lunches into your evening meal routine, making an extra portion for the next day’s lunch. Reusable containers and your own cutlery help cut down packaging waste too.

Reusable water bottles – save up to £365 per year

Spending £1 a day on mineral water could set you back £365 over the course of a year. Switch to tap water and get a stainless steel, aluminium, or bio-plastic bottle instead.

Most plastic bottles end up as landfill waste – make a pledge to avoid them and reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gases produced from manufacturing.

Cut back on packaging – save around £18 per year

If you can, try getting your lunch from a shop which uses recyclable or biodegradable packaging, and buy drinks in recyclable aluminium cans or glass bottles, rather than plastic bottles or cardboard cups with plastic lids.

Plastic cutlery and bags are also big offenders – try using your office cutlery or bring it from home. The same goes for plastic bags – many supermarkets now charge for bags, so reuse and save up to £18 per year.

Power down your PC – save around £30 per year

Always remember to switch off your computer before you leave the house – by ensuring it’s not sucking up energy while you’re away from home could save you around £30 a year.

Recyclebank is dedicated to offer advice about green ways of living and encourages anyone to pledge to make real-world adjustments to live more sustainably and cut down on money spent whilst getting rewarded for all efforts. For more information visit