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Cost of holiday luggage at all-time high

Contents of suitcases now worth more than the holiday itself

Cost of holiday luggage has increased largely due to the rise in gadgets

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are now commonplace in the suitcase

The average value of luggage taken on a summer holiday is higher than it has ever been, according to a new study which reveals that the contents of travellers’ suitcases are now worth three times more than the holiday itself.

The research, published by LV=, suggests that the average British holidaymaker now takes more than £2,500 worth of luggage overseas with them, which represents a 67% increase over the last five years.

This increase has been largely caused by the rise in the number of gadgets being taken on holiday, with the likes of laptops, tablets and smartphones now commonplace in the suitcase.

Soaring costs

According to the data, this summer Brits will take £700 worth of electronics including cameras, tablets, phones and laptops, £400 in clothes and shoes, £350 of accessories such as jewellery, and £100 worth of toiletries including perfumes and aftershaves.

Furthermore, 15% of people will also pack their holiday money in their luggage, at an average value of £500 (equating to €580 or $740).

The escalating costs are not limited to adults, as the research also found that seven million children now take their own bags on holiday, with a child’s suitcase being worth almost £550, on average.

This comprises £149 of clothing, £57 in shoes, £25 in toiletries, £151 of gadgets, £25 in beach equipment, £26 of child’s items, £41 for the suitcase itself, £40 in toys & books and £30 in miscellaneous items.

Sky-high values

The findings highlight how vital it is for travellers to check that they have travel insurance in place and are fully protected, in the event of loss or theft, explained Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV= travel insurance.

However, many travel insurers impose limits for expensive single-item baggage contents such as personal electronics, which can make the modern day suitcase much harder to cover.

“Travel insurance exists to cover day-to-day belongings rather than a vast array of expensive items. So if you have a number of valuables it is worth checking that any insurance you have in place for them, such as personal possessions, includes cover for when you are abroad,” Mr Fernandes concluded.